Reprogramming Clover POS Station – Why You Can And Cannot Do

The Clover® Station is a sleek and modern POS (Point of Sale) system that is available for the First Data platform. It is a rapidly growing concept that is adopted by businesses across the world requiring access to advanced features and functionalities of a fully dedicated POS system.

The cash register of Clover Station typically features brushed aluminum material with white accents to enhance the look. You also receive access to a receipt printer and a matching tablet-based display in the standard POS hardware package.

 Most processors out there offer Clover POS Stations for around $1000 or even less. While the option is not cheap, the overall convenient features and attractive design of the unit have made some businesses decide that it is completely worth the expense. On the other hand, there are businesses that prefer the overall low cost and improved functionality  of Clover Mobile systems or portable Clover Mini solutions. 

Limitations with the Clover POS Station

Although there are several features and functionalities of Clover POS, there are specific limitations to the unit. Once you purchase the Clover POS through the processor, you can only utilize it with the respective processor. As an average business is known to switch multiple processors across the span of some years, this could pose a concern. 

In addition to this, it is also important to know that Clover POS Stations are available with two models –Clover Station & Clover Station 2018. During the winter of 2018, Clover made the announcement that its original station will now be considered as ‘end of life.’ Support and software upgrades will be made available on the original station from December 2022. In case you wish to purchase a Clover Station unit for your business, you should buy the Clover 2018 model. 

Why Can’t You Reprogram Clover Station?

It is not possible to execute reprogramming Clover POS functionality. As per the reports of autumn 2019, it is stated that processors cannot reprogram Clover POS stations –like in the case of other similar machines or stations. While the Clover POS is capable of working with most different credit card processing service providers out there, it is only possible to accept payments with the help of Clover through the company or processor from which you have purchased the unit. 

Therefore, if you are purchasing a Clover Station from Processor X, and then wish to switch to Processor Y, then you cannot make use of the payment functionality of the Clover station you had purchased from Processor X once you have made the switch. You will be required to purchase an all-new Clover Station or additional equipment from Processor Y. 

What to Do If You Buy a Clover POS But Wish to Change the Processor?

When you own a Clover Station, it will not restrict you from switching processors. It will only prevent you from continuing the use of the existing Clover POS Station with some different processor. However, you will have to decide whether or not it is worth purchasing a new Point of Sale system. In most cases, if the processor is putting pressure on you for fees, you should go ahead with the decision. 

The amount you can save on processing by making the switch to some competitive solution will rapidly exceed the initial cost of buying an all-new POS system. Otherwise, you can also continue the use of the existing processor until you make the decision that it is time to buy a new POS. Then, you can make the switch. Alternatively, you can decide if you will be able to make use of a less expensive terminal or station or a small-sized table-based system rather than opting for a full-fledged Clover POS system.

Another leading option out there is to think of using non-integrated processing. Some processors out there offer this option. 

  • Non-integrated Processing: There are some credit card processors (including Heartland) that offer non-integrated processing along with the Clover POS system. Rather than accepting payments via the Clover POS system, you will be taking credit cards with the help of a connecting countertop terminal. In essence, you will be using the Clover Station for your POS functions like reporting and order entry. However, for making the actual payments, you will be making use of the countertop terminal. 

Some businesses might think that non-integrated processing is a slightly complicated process. However, it serves to be a lucrative option for businesses that cannot reprogram Clover Station and do not wish to switch the existing POS systems while still leveraging the benefits of reduced processing rates. 

Why Can’t You Reprogram the Clover POS?

In most cases, the reason for this lack of flexibility is related to security concerns. Reprogramming the POS equipment will require some work on the side of your processor. However, it is a common practice for most processors out there. Ultimately, the solution provider did not want the system to be reprogrammed. 

An Insight into Clover POS System

The Clover POS System also goes by the name Clover Cash Register or Clover Station. It is a fully functional system. Restaurants, retailers, and other businesses requiring something more than the standard countertop credit card terminal can obtain benefits from Clover. The cloud-based solution provider delivers access to point of sale functions like refunds and voids, credit card processing, reporting, and addition of tips. 

In addition to this, it is possible to personalize Clover stations by using apps from the Clover apps market. These apps help in offering the chance to include more functions. You can include ‘buy one get one’ promos, HR resources, invoicing options, hosting options, and delivery management. The app also allows you to select modules that you require without the addition of unnecessary information from services that you do not require.

The Clover® name and logo are trademarks owned by Clover Network, Inc., an affiliate of First Data Merchant Services LLC, and registered or used in the U.S. and many foreign countries.

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