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Profitable Business Ideas for 2020

These Industries are Best Bets for 2020 Startups

2020 has been the year of change. We’ve all had to adapt to our new normal and for many, that meant changing jobs or industries. For many, it even meant starting their own business rather than working for someone else.

If you’re looking to jump into a new industry or start something on the side, check out the most profitable small business options in 2020.

Food Trucks

2020 changed the way restaurants do their thing, and many are turning to food trucks versus brick-and-mortar establishments. With such unpredictability in being able to have customers in the restaurant, owners turned to food trucks for its more affordable option.

With the ability to travel anywhere, and draw crowds from different areas, food trucks are up and coming and not slowing down. With lower overhead and more versatility, restaurant owners are finding it easier to manage and grow. While larger areas are saturated with food trucks already, there are many untapped markets yet to go.

Accounting Services

All businesses need accounting services and many owners don’t have the time or know-how to get it done. Because it’s such an important part of running a business, accountants can charge hefty fees and still stay plenty busy.

Whether you offer bookkeeping, standard accounting, tax accounting, or personal finance management, there are millions of people out there who need someone like you to run a profitable small business. Because accountants can work from just about anywhere, including from home, there can be little overhead and plenty of profits. Of course, you’ll need an approximate degree and certification, but if you love numbers, accounting services may be just right for you.

Graphic Design

Graphic design is taking off like crazy, especially in 2020. With millions of people starting their own business today, there’s a much higher demand for graphic design services. From logo design to website design and everything in between, there is a niche audience for any type of graphic design service.

Graphic designers can start their own gig – working freelance or work for someone. It depends on your ability to market yourself and set yourself apart from the others in this growing industry.

Fitness Instructors

Today there is a tremendous need for fitness instructors virtually. Millions of people have had to give up their gym membership or at least not go for a while, and it’s not sitting well with many people. Fitness enthusiasts use the gym as their outlet and without the ability to get their workouts in, many people are suffering.

Fortunately, the fitness industry is completely versatile, meaning it can go 100% virtual and still be effective. If you can create and host classes online, there is a dire need for your services right now. Even as we get back to normal, though, there is always a need for fitness instructors in all types of exercise whether you work in a gym, or on a contract basis offering one-on-one personal training.

Cleaning Services

Cleaning services are in demand now more than ever. Regular cleaning services, such as cleaning homes or offices are always in demand, but now homeowners and business owners are hiring specialized cleaning services to disinfect their homes or businesses.

COVID-19 disinfecting services help businesses get back to work and homeowners feel safe in their own homes. It’s a profitable business with little overhead and one that helps Americans make their businesses and homes safe once again.

Tutoring Services

With an onslaught of e-learning going on around the country and even the world, there’s a high demand for tutoring services. Whether you tutor in person in your area or online to kids around the world, there’s a demand for certified teachers to help.

Students aren’t getting the same level of education they’d get in the classroom and many parents are reaching out for help. They want to enrich the education their child receives in school right now. If you want to start a business, you can tutor in a specific subject or be a general tutor and have quite a successful business today.

Personal Wellness

The buzz word for the year is ‘self-care.’ Everyone is into it and professionals diving into this profession are doing exceptionally well. Whether you’re a counselor, therapist, yoga instructor, or nutritionist, there is a need for your services.

If you can counsel, support, or show people how to be the best they can be, you’ll be in high demand. The need for self-care will never go anywhere, so once we are through the pandemic and all that it’s changed for us, there will still be a large demand for the services you offer.

Gardening and Landscaping

There will always be a need for landscaping and gardening services. Businesses and homes all care about their curb appeal. Without it, there would be fewer property sales and even less business conducted.

Whether you maintain lawns, design landscaping, or manage gardens, there is a need for skilled gardeners and landscapers and there always will be. Because the business is outdoors, it’s not affected by the current state of affairs with COVID-19 and can continue to grow into a profitable business.

2020 showed us that a lot can change, but businesses can still flourish. While many existing businesses have had to pivot how they do business to stay open, many have shown that they can flourish just as they are.

If you are looking for a business and/or industry to help your company grow or you want to start a business, consider one of the industries above. They’ve all flourished through the pandemic and are ready to take on 2021 with an even greater ability to grow and be profitable.

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