POS System Considerations for Quick Service Restaurants

In the busy quick service restaurant environment, having the best point-of-sale system available supports business function and helps staff perform effectively in their roles. A reliable POS system can drastically improve productivity and produce substantial cost savings for your restaurant.

Customizable menu items

In the quick service restaurant industry, speed is king. The ability to quickly enter and customize menu items (for example, placing an order for a #2 combo with no pickles) is an important feature for QSR POS systems. Portion size adjustments are also critical; if a customer requests that his or her meal be upgraded to a large, the process to accommodate that request should be fast and simple.

Custom pricing options make it possible for you to offer deals or promotional programs for certain menu items. For example, you might program your POS system to recognize 6am to 7am as an “early bird special” for discounted large coffees.

Cloud compatibility

There are different types of cloud solutions available that can provide complete data availability. Sensitive data, backups, antivirus systems, and upgrades are all integrated within the cloud solution. Just make sure you know what you’re getting when you’re offered a cloud POS system. Some POS systems are true cloud solutions while others are simply networked.

Complete solutions

A bundled POS system offers a convenient, complete solution for your business. Quick service restaurants often require a computer with either a touch-screen monitor or a specialized keyboard, a credit card terminal, a receipt printer, a cash drawer, and output to kitchen printers or displays.

Networking your POS systems with your kitchen displays is critical to business function. If your QSR has multiple order lanes (including drive-through), you need every order to go to both the POS printer and a kitchen printer or digital display so your line cooks can keep up with demand.

Easy to learn, easy to teach

A QSR POS system must be easy to learn and teach. Simplicity minimizes training time and mistakes. New hires should be able to properly complete a shift within a few hours of being introduced to your POS system. Consider the experience of the staff members and appropriately budget your time and costs around employee training needs. You might opt to use a POS system that has graphical displays; they tend to be faster for employees to learn, and many QSR workers are likely to be familiar with these kinds of displays due to experience with tablets and smartphones.

Minimize downtime and improve efficiency and accuracy by investing in a straightforward system that does exactly what you need and expect it to do.

Consider your business needs

What features are necessary for your business? Some solutions focus exclusively on sales and transactions. Other systems incorporate inventory managementcustomer loyalty, payroll, accounting, and reporting. Think about how many processes your restaurant needs to manage and which features will improve revenue.

Consider your customers’ needs

How will your POS solution affect the customers’ experience? Some systems display order information and allow the customer to verify items before the transaction is finalized. Will your system allow the customer to swipe his or her own card, or will it require your employees to do it? How quickly does your point-of-sale operate? These are critical questions that need to be considered while selecting the most appropriate POS system for your restaurant.

mPOS in restaurants

Can tablet solutions work for your restaurant? Many quick service restaurants are adopting mobile POS systems that are integrated with kitchen displays and receipt printers. These solutions are highly cost-effective and allow your employees pass iPads or Windows tablets to customers in line. Customers place their orders wirelessly, and they can even swipe their cards from these tablets. When they reach the counter, they return the tablets and pick up their meals.

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