pos system considerations for pizzerias

POS System Considerations for Pizzerias

If you operate a pizza restaurant, you know that almost every customer has a unique preference — one variety of pizza will not work for everyone. It’s the same when selecting a point-of-sale system for your pizzeria — one POS system will not fit every type of restaurant, so you need one designed to handle pizza sales. Here are some of the most important features you should look for in a POS solution to ensure you find the optimal one for your pizza shop.

Top considerations

Because your restaurant moves at a rapid pace, your POS system should be fast and efficient. It should track your inventory (so you can monitor your stock of ingredients, boxes, and other supplies to know when to reorder them), manage seating and reservations, split checks, and generate itemized receipts with blank lines for tips. It needs to execute these tasks quickly enough to keep up with your pace of operations, so be sure to test any hardware and software solutions for speed prior to implementation.

Your POS system should have a merchant account included for credit card sales. Inquire about extra credit card processing fees. Your POS should also interface with other restaurant software you use, like your accounting system.

You may also want your POS system to manage carryout orders and/or delivery orders — something most restaurant POS systems don’t handle. If you intend to have a customer loyalty program, you should look for that feature as well. Your system should also track how often your employees honor coupons and provide customers discounts, so you can ensure these benefits are not being overused and harming profits.

Your pizza restaurant will want to select a POS system that possesses user-friendly graphical interfaces so you can train your employees to use it without difficulty. You might also want a wireless mobile option to use directly at customer tables to collect payments. Most restaurant POS solutions are a combination of hardware and software, so inquire about the different configurations available. Ask if hardware can be leased or provided free.

Because a POS problem can bring your sales to a halt, hunt for a reputable POS vendor with technical support available around the clock, 365 days per year. You should also ask how the vendor protects customers’ data, like encrypting credit card numbers.

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