PAX S300 Integrated Retail Pin Pad Credit Card Machine Review

Collecting credit card payments is crucial for any business, which means you need a credit card machine or virtual terminal to accept them. The PAX S300 is a sleek machine that works on any size countertop and securely collects your customers’ payment information.

Whether you’re a new business or an existing business, the PAX S300 machine packs quite a punch, ensuring that you can deliver the speed and security your customers want. 

Here’s an honest review of the PAX S300 credit card machine.

What is the PAX S300 Credit Card Machine?

The PAX S300 credit card machine has been around since 2016. The pin pad is small, yet useful and great for small business owners. The keypad is easy to navigate, and the screen is touch-screen for even more usability.

The basic credit card machine is easy to use and teach employees to use. Its operating system is user-friendly, and it offers many modern-day features to help you be at the forefront of your competitors.

With the PAX S300 machine, you can accept swipe, chip, or tap payments. You can also accept contactless payments, which is a way to stand above your competitors today in a world of contactless features.

PAX S300 Features

Sturdy yet Lightweight

No merchant wants a bulky credit card machine sitting on their counter taking up room and/or being hard to move around. The PAX S300 machine is lightweight, thin, yet sturdy. It can stand the test of time and even withstand heavy wear and tear while being sleek enough to be useful on your countertop.

It’s a great addition for small checkout areas, as it takes up little room yet provides all the features you need to run a successful business.

Touchscreen Display

The screen on the PAX S300 is 3.5 inches, which makes it the perfect size to be a touch screen. The screen is LCD, the graphics clear, and the prompts easy to follow to use the machine. Many merchants like the touchscreen because it’s easier for them to use while helping a customer and increases their own efficiency. With easy-to-use instructions right on the screen, employees can get the information they need quickly without having to hold up your customers.

Covered Keypad

Security should be your utmost concern when accepting credit card payments and the PAX S300 makes it easy to do this. With three sidewalls to protect the user’s information, the keypad is hidden from sight, but easy to use. 

The keypad is also backlit which make it easy to use in darker conditions while ensuring that you’re pressing the right buttons. When customers enter their information, they don’t have to worry about wandering eyes catching the information and hacking their sensitive information.

Magnetic Card Reader

The PAX S300 has a magnetic swipe on the right side of the machine for customers to swipe their credit card. It’s easy to figure out how to use the machine so it’s easy to onboard new employees quickly. 

Fast Processor

The PAX S300 has a fast processor for a machine of its size and stature. It has a 32-bit ARM 11 processor that processes transactions quickly, getting your customers on their way fast. No one likes to sit around and wait for a credit card to process, so the PAX S300 is a favorable choice for many.

Multiple Encryptions

The PAX S300 encrypts information transported from it in three ways to ensure no one gets a hold of the information. Right from inputting the information, the keypad adds a block in between each character so it’s impossible for hackers to steal the information.

Reliable Ethernet Connection

There’s nothing worse than the internet cutting out in the middle of a customer’s transaction. Making your customer wait for the transaction to go through is never a good idea, but it’s risky to accept payments offline. The PAX S300 offers a reliable ethernet connection that allows for fast processing so you reduce the risk of losing customers and/or taking risky transactions.

What Comes with the PAX S300?

The PAX S300 comes with everything you need to plug and play and start accepting credit cards. This includes the connector cable, power cord, ethernet cable, download cable, and converter cable along with the terminal itself.

Pros and Cons of the PAX S300

The PAX S300 has many pros and cons that you should understand before choosing it among the many other options you might have.


  • Large enough screen for easy viewing and use by both customers and employees
  • Touchscreen that makes it easy for employees to help customers from the other side of the checkout
  • Secure keyboard so no one can steal sensitive information from your customers
  • Easy to use magnetic reader
  • Cost effective
  • PCI compliant
  • Can be used for credit cards, debit cards, and gift cards
  • Compatible with a large number of POS systems


  • It might not be robust enough for larger businesses 
  • The magnetic reader can negatively affect cards over time

Final Thoughts

The PAX S300 is a great way to collect credit cards securely for your small business. It’s an affordable machine that offers everything you need to provide fast, secure, and easy service to your customers.

Your employees can catch on how to use the machine quickly as it’s very user-friendly and it offers many options to accept different payment types. The sleek design makes it virtually invisible on your countertop and its robust ethernet connection ensures you’re always connected when you collect payments. 

If you’re looking for an affordable card reader that does everything you need while protecting the security of you and your customers, you found it in the PAX S300.

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