NetSuite Pricing 2022 Explained: How Much Does NetSuite Cost?

NetSuite is a highly customizable platform that is capable of a wide range of services. Therefore, if a business wants to make use of the service provider, it is imperative to know about the pricing aspect. It is expected that the overall costs of NetSuite will depend on the following factors:

  • Requirement of NetSuite customizations
  • The overall size of the company
  • The number of user licenses of NetSuite required
  • Add-on modules of NetSuite required
  • The scope of implementation of NetSuite
  • Ongoing training and support

In the NetSuite pricing guide, we will cover all details on the working of the pricing model. 

How does NetSuite Pricing Work?

Some of the main points to consider with respect to NetSuite pricing are:

NetSuite Licensing Costs

The first step for any business is determining the price of NetSuite licensing. A business should analyze the specific NetSuite edition required for specific business needs. The portion of NetSuite licensing pricing is not typically your decision and will ultimately depend on the size of the company along with the number of user licenses of NetSuite required. 

NetSuite Edition Pricing

NetSuite editions depend on the size of the company along with the number of user licenses needed.

  • NetSuite Starter or Limited Editions: NetSuite Limited Edition is available for 10 user licenses. It is regarded as the best solution for small-scale businesses with a single legal entity and for around 50 employees. 
  • NetSuite Standard or Mid-market Edition: The mid-market edition of NetSuite includes user licenses for 11 to 1,000 employees. It is regarded as the best solution for businesses with two or more legal entities. 
  • NetSuite Premium Edition: It offers access to unlimited licenses. 
  • NetSuite Enterprise Editions: This edition is meant for large-scale companies with multiple legal entities requiring more than 1,000 user licenses of NetSuite.

NetSuite Service Tiers

Over the NetSuite edition, you are also required to fall into the specific Service Tier of NetSuite. The respective aspect of NetSuite depends on the management of business productivity. Every Service Tier features a maximum number of users along with monthly transaction lines and file storage. 

Every NetSuite Edition will include CRM and ERP automatically. Some of the functionalities to look out for are:

NetSuite CRM:

  • Upselling, quoting, and ordering management
  • Salesforce automation
  • Marketing automation
  • Partner relationship management
  • Quota management and sales forecasting
  • Reporting & Analytics with real-time data

NetSuite ERP:

  • Global business management
  • Financial management
  • Inventory management
  • Warehouse management
  • Order management
  • Accounting
  • Warehouse management
  • Supply chain management

How Much Will NetSuite Cost Per User?

The cost of NetSuite starts at $99 per user on a monthly basis. However, this pricing will not account for the base cost of the platform of NetSuite, and it will also not include additional prices like the license you will be selecting, customizations, or add-on modules. The true cost of the platform of NetSuite per user will vary for every business, but will ultimately be more than $99 per user. Therefore, this price alone will not help in analyzing the total cost of NetSuite for your business. 

For determining the cost of NetSuite per user in the business, you will be required to add all the respective costs while dividing the same by the total number of active users. 

NetSuite User Licensing Cost

There are several different types of user licenses with NetSuite, so it is important to know about the exact type of access every employee in the company will require. The levels of NetSuite Edition will depend on the number of full licenses required.

  • Employee Center License: Such users are limited to carrying out only some actions. The actions include entering or viewing PTO, tracking project time, and adjusting expense reports. 
  • Full User License: This type of license is needed for an employee requiring access to NetSuite on a regular basis. NetSuite comes with pre-configured access settings, referred to as roles. Roles feature standard roles like sales representative, accountant, or administrator. It will also include custom roles. An employee with the given role will need access to the full user license of NetSuite.

NetSuite Module Pricing

Regardless of the NetSuite edition you are using, you will have to start with ERP and CRM modules of NetSuite. 

For some businesses, all they require is the standard edition. However, some businesses might also require additional Modules of NetSuite for achieving specific workflows and functionalities required for running the business effectively.

NetSuite comes with a group of pre-built modules that can be easily added to the software solution. For example, one can consider buying the SuiteSuccess Manufacturing Premium Edition, which includes the CRM, core ERP, and additional modules of NetSuite.

NetSuite modules are typically sold within the suite of bundled modules and referred to as editions. The price of NetSuite modules will depend on the specific NetSuite Edition your business will have. 

Industry-centric NetSuite Modules

Industry-centric NetSuite modules will include inventory management, financial management, professional service automation, order management, and supply chain management. If a business will require any of these given functionalities, it will be required to purchase a NetSuite module for it.

When you are selecting a NetSuite module for a specific industry, you will receive access to particular functionalities within the industry. 

NetSuite Financial Management Modules

  • NetSuite OneWorld
  • NetSuite SuiteBilling
  • NetSuite Advanced Financials
  • NetSuite Contract Renewals
  • NetSuite Dunning Letters
  • NetSuite Planning & Budgeting
  • NetSuite Revenue Management
  • NetSuite Electronic Bank Payments

NetSuite Commerce Modules

  • NetSuite SuiteCommerce InStore
  • NetSuite SuiteCommerce
  • NetSuite SuiteCommerce MyAccount
  • NetSuite SuiteCommerce Advanced

NetSuite Inventory and Order Management Modules

  • NetSuite Advanced Order Management
  • NetSuite Advanced Inventory Management
  • Grid Order Management

NetSuite Supply Chain Modules

  • NetSuite Demand Planning
  • NetSuite Procurement
  • NetSuite Advanced Manufacturing
  • NetSuite Work Orders and Assemblies
  • NetSuite Warehouse Management System
  • NetSuite Quality Management 
  • NetSuite WIP or Work in Progress and routings


NetSuite support is not available for free. You can use a license service provider or pay one of the service levels by SuiteSupport by NetSuite.

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