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Host Merchant Services vs. Metro Merchant Services

Choosing a merchant services company is sometimes a difficult decision, with the many options available. Before choosing a merchant services provider, it is important to understand the advantages and disadvantages with every company. Metro Merchant Services, located in Delaware City, Delaware, is one of the many providers available, but when compared to Host Merchant Services, located in Newark, Delaware, it is easy to see the advantages of HMS.


Guaranteed Interchange Plus Pricing
The fee paid between banks when customers pay using a payment card, such as a debit or credit card, is known as the interchange. Normally, the merchant bank pays the purchaser’s bank the interchange fee, and then charges the merchant the fee, plus markup and per-item fees. These fees often vary tremendously from transaction to transaction, making them difficult to track. In Interchange Plus Pricing offered by Host Merchant Services, the merchant pays the interchange fee plus a fixed rate fee, making it easier for the merchant to track fees. Metro Merchant Services has confirmed they also offer Interchange plus pricing, however, Host Merchant Services is able to offer extremely low rates through high volume relationships with multiple payment backends, including TSYS, FirstData, Global, and Clearent.  EDGE – Host Merchant Services

Repair and Replacement
Host Merchant Services offers same-day onsite service on terminals, whether they need replacement or repair. Because HMS has staff onsite for technical support, merchants with terminal issues suffer less downtime.   Metro Merchant Services does have same day service through their support center in Delaware. HMS employs its own support team through multiple offices nationwide, giving it the edge in speed of replacement. Whether the repair is in Delaware or other areas, Host Merchant Services provides support quickly and efficiently. EDGE – Host Merchant Services

Free Equipment
Metro Merchant Services may provide free equipment, but does not always do so regardless of merchant volume. Like Host Merchant Services, Metro Merchant Services does not lock merchants in to equipment leases.  In addition, Host Merchant Services has more free equipment options, including point of sale solutions with no up front cost. At Host Merchant Services, all equipment is free as long as the merchant processes payments through their system. There are no strings attached and no hidden fees. EDGE – Host Merchant Services

Long-Term Commitment
Metro Merchant Services requires long-term commitments, in many cases a two- to three-year commitment. Because HMS wants to earn the business of their customers every day, they do not ask for long-term commitments. In addition, Metro Merchant Services charges early termination fees, while HMS has no lock-in or penalty for choosing a new merchant service provider. EDGE – Host Merchant Services

There are many Delaware merchant service providers and you want to be sure you choose the right one for your company. While Metro Merchant Services is a good company, we believe that the advantages of choosing Host Merchant Services are apparent.  If you are considering a merchant services provider, be sure that the company you decide to work with meets all of your company needs. Host Merchant Services is the clear choice, offering no long-term commitments, free equipment, low pricing, and same day onsite repairs or replacements.

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