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Host Merchant Services vs. Merchant Warehouse
When choosing merchant services, there are so many options available, it is sometimes difficult to choose which company offers the best solutions. A simple comparison of Merchant Warehouse to Host Merchant Services shows why Host is the better option for payment processing.

Equipment Costs
Host Merchant Services provides customers with free equipment as long as the company process payments through Host. Merchant Warehouse, however, asks for long-term leases that cannot be canceled, and, in some cases, a merchant could pay $3,600 for equipment worth only $245. For merchants who refuse the lease option, Merchant Warehouse requires high equipment charges that could end up costing hundreds of dollars.

No Contract
Not only does Merchant Warehouse require long-term contracts, some as long as three years, there are also significantly high termination fees that could be as high as $500 or more. Host Merchant Services wants to earn the merchant’s business every day, so they have no lock-in or term commitment. This also means that they do not charge penalties for cancellation of the service.

Online Expertise
With no background in website hosting or e-commerce, it is difficult to understand how Merchant Warehouse is able to offer expert online processing. Host Merchant Services was founded by veterans of the web hosting industry and specializes in technology and e-commerce integration, as well as support of and almost all available e-commerce solutions. In addition, Host Merchant Services offers support for nearly all third-party payment gateways. Choosing Host Merchant Services brings a team of Internet and e-commerce payment experts.

Pricing Confusion
Merchant Warehouse does not price its features with the same clear and customer-friendly model as Host Merchant Services. They offer tiered pricing, surcharges and other fees that can end up costing a merchant hundreds of dollars, and in some cases, thousands each month. Because there is no transparency in their pricing plans, merchants cannot determine exactly how much they actually pay for their services each month. With Host Merchant Services, the Interchange plus pricing program is so transparent, there is no doubt what the merchant services are costing, and it is clear that the merchant is getting the lowest rate available.

Host Merchant Services offers no contracts, no cancellation fees, transparent pricing, and payment processing expertise that far surpasses Merchant Warehouse.

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