itransact gateway review

iTransact Gateway Review 2024

If you have a merchant account with a payment processor but want to accept payments online, you need a payment gateway. iTransact works with many different processors making it easy to accept payments online.

Some of the most common processing companies they work with include TSYS, Heartland, First Data, and Elavon. As long as your processing company uses any of these platforms, iTransact will integrate with them.


iTransact offers a variety of features to make accepting payments online simple. 

Hosted Payments Page

If you aren’t ready to have payments hosted on your own page, iTransact offers hosted payments pages so you don’t have to worry about storing customers’ data on your own servers. The process is still simple for your customers and everyone’s information is protected.

Virtual Terminal

If you also accept orders by phone or mail, you need a virtual terminal that allows you to key in the customer’s credit card information to pay. You don’t need more equipment either – you type the information into your computer to process the payment. As long as you have internet, you can process the payment.

Recurring Billing

If you have a subscription model for your business or you have recurring orders, you can set up recurring billing, so you don’t have to worry about entering information repeatedly. You set the billing up one time and the rest is done for you.


iTransact offers options for backend reporting to ensure you know up to the minute how your business is doing. The reporting options include transaction history lookups and order payment summaries, so you are up to speed on the latest orders.


You don’t have to worry about security on your end when collecting customers’ payments. Since customers pay on iTransact’s hosted payment pages, they are directed to iTransact’s secure page for payment.

iTransact tests all businesses to ensure they aren’t keeping unencrypted credit card data on their server and all data that transfers to iTransact is encrypted twice when transferring over to the hosted payments page.

API Resources

iTransact offers many tools for developers and programmers in a variety of languages including Python, Java, and Perl. iTransact professionals also work closely with business owners to integrate iTransact with their websites.

Final Thoughts

iTransact is a universal payment gateway that works with a variety of processors to help you accept payments online. With its hosted payments page, you don’t have to worry about security on your end since your website doesn’t store any of the customer’s information.

The gateway includes a virtual terminal, recurring billing option, hosted check out, reporting in real-time, and has plenty of fraud prevention features. It doesn’t support Level III data, but it does have web service API to customize the gateway to your website’s needs.

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