How to Pick the Best High-Risk Payment Gateway

You might be worried that you won’t qualify for a payment gateway if you run a high-risk business that might be subject to chargebacks and other threats. But it isn’t as hard to find a gateway as you might assume. You can find a suitable high-risk payment gateway by using a few points. These factors will help you find a sensible gateway that works well and gives you the control you need for handling whatever payments you want to run at any moment. 

What Protective Features Are There?

High-risk businesses need payment gateways that can protect them from fraud, chargebacks, and other threats. A gateway should include controls and screeners that will identify possible risks to your business.

A good example to see here entails what offers. provides a platform that includes multiple filters that block transactions based on different parameters. These include filters for IP addresses and potential scammers. It also provides a system that verifies data and ensures all people completing transactions are legitimate.

PCI Compliance Is Necessary

The gateway you choose must meet all PCI compliance standards. The PCI standard entails security measures for credit card transactions. These include measures like storing customer data well and making it available on a need-to-know basis and avoiding storing CVV entries. PCI compliance is critical for ensuring card transactions are easy to run, especially since credit card fraud and theft can be a significant worry. Preventing such problems from happening is critical to helping your business succeed.

Secure Recurring Billing

Recurring billing is ideal for high-risk businesses, as it provides consistent payments and helps businesses plan for what they will do when running their work. The gateway you use should store your customers’ card numbers and let you automatically bill them based on whatever terms you dictate in the process. can help you invoice your customers by email and set up automatic payments at specific times, for example. It even offers support for automatic updates to customer bank data, ensuring there are no interruptions in how your business collects payments.

Timing For Funds

You’ll need to collect your funds soon after completing each transaction. A high-risk retailer gateway can help you get your funds in about 24 to 48 hours after you close out a payment batch. The gateway will move your transactions through the ACH network to process everything and get the funds out to your business bank account.

Support For Many Payment Options

Payment gateways can handle more than traditional credit and debit card transactions. They can also work with mobile wallets, electronic checks, and ACH transfers. Some gateways can even support cryptocurrency payments. Your payment gateway should provide support for whatever payment option you wish to accept. Today’s gateways are becoming more popular, so it shouldn’t be tough for you to accept solutions that fit whatever needs you hold.

Regular Customer Support

Look at the customer service department for whatever gateway you want to hire. The customer service team should be ready to answer whatever questions you hold when running your business.

The customer service department should be available 24 hours a day if possible. The team should be open by phone or through live chat to immediately answer whatever questions you hold. You can always send a more extensive email if you have any detailed concerns that you want to have answered. The customer service team should be there to manage whatever questions or needs you hold surrounding how you’re managing your gateway and all your payment efforts.

Sensible Commissions

Look at the commissions a gateway will charge. The commissions should be reasonable and affordable to where you won’t risk spending more on something than necessary.

For example, has a system for customers who have their own merchant accounts. You can get a gateway from for $25 a month with a charge of 10 cents per transaction, plus 10 cents for each daily batch processing effort. The charge is predictable and helps you plan your work effort.

The rates you spend may be more than what low-risk businesses may pay. Some gateways may charge extra for high-risk clients due to their risk of chargebacks and other threats. Your commissions will be easier to manage if you use a smarter gateway that can handle your transactions well.

Multiple Currency Support

Not all online businesses will manage international payments, but it always helps to have a gateway that can support them. A gateway can convert your currency in real time to produce an accurate payment based on whatever currency you utilize. The effort lets you collect international payments in moments. Your website should include different listings for whatever currencies people will spend so they know what they’re handling when doing business with you.

Proper Integration

The last point to note when finding a high-risk payment gateway service is how well it integrates with your business. Your website will use a distinct shopping cart, an accounting platform, and a website code system. Your gateway should have support for all these features.

The gateway should also support whatever software you currently use. You can use various POS software solutions or systems for running your business and keeping things functional.

A gateway can also integrate with mobile payment systems. These include setups that handle Google Pay, Apple Pay, or any other prominent mobile payment solution on the market. These payments are becoming more popular these days, so having something that can handle these payment choices will be worthwhile.

Be certain when looking at your high-risk payment gateways that you find a choice that fits your business demands. A gateway should be easy to manage and should protect you when accepting payments. It should help you collect your funds without worry, plus the team behind it should be there for when you have questions or concerns. Look well at how gateways can support you, and be sure you pick the right choice that works for whatever you want to manage.

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