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How Long Does PayPal Hold Money?

One of the world’s most well-known and influential payment processors is PayPal. It processes money in different currencies and is easy to install. It can be easily integrated with eCommerce websites and apps. Therefore, it has become one of the most robust payment gateways that people use all across the world. Anyhow, there are certain factors that you should consider before opting for PayPal as your payment processor. Factors like how long does PayPal hold money? How good is their customer support?

PayPal dominates the digital payment market. You can send and receive money using this digital payment tool through your PayPal account linked to your bank account. It protects and hides your information from retailers, making this service reliable and preferred among users. 

PayPal allows you to do a variety of transactions. PayPal clients now have a single location to conveniently and securely manage their everyday financial lives and do more with their money thanks to an all-in-one, personalized app. It isn’t a shocker that PayPal stands as the number one payment processing method when it comes to online shopping. 

What makes PayPal safe?

PayPal is regarded as one of the most secure online payment and shopping methods. Security experts claim that PayPal is secure for both buyers and sellers as long as they adhere to the proper security procedures, such as employing two-factor authentication and making full use of the security features it provides.

It monitors transactions round-the-clock and will let you know if it discovers any unusual login activity or purchases made with your account. Also, end-to-end encryption for online transactions provides an extra layer of security to the user’s sensitive financial data. All these security protocols combined make PayPal a secure payment option.

Why does PayPal hold your payment?

Numerous circumstances can cause PayPal to put payments on hold. They are as follows. 

Why does PayPal hold your payment
  1. New sellers:

Your payments may be held if you’re a new PayPal seller until you confirm that you are a reputable company. This authentication process may take some days. Giving PayPal enough information about your company when registering an account is the simplest method to prevent this problem.

This information allows PayPal to authenticate your business and release your payments quickly. You can also try contacting customer care. They will help you release your PayPal funds more quickly if you qualify as a service-approved seller.

  1. The PayPal account is no longer operational:

You can lose access to fast withdrawals if you don’t utilize your PayPal account regularly. PayPal may temporarily freeze your account and hold your funds as a security measure if your account is inactive for a long period and suddenly becomes active.

  1. Unusual sales trends:

On its platform, PayPal monitors data for suspicious sales behaviors. PayPal frequently freezes accounts with unusual sales trends to reduce risk. PayPal may freeze your account and hold money if they discover rising transaction quantities, effectively punishing your company for its expansion, as they typically interpret differences in revenue as a sign of fraudulent activity. 

Even though the development of your company might be legitimate, PayPal will take the extra precaution of putting your account on hold in such circumstances.

How long does PayPal hold money?

The length to which PayPal holds your money depends on different factors. The time to hold funds might vary. Some holds may only last a few days if the transactions can be quickly validated, while in other scenarios, held money with PayPal may stay on hold for 180 days. 

How long does PayPal hold money

In more complex situations, the holds may become irreversible and cause the account to be closed. If there are no issues with your transaction or account, for example, a package lost in transit or a buyer filing a complaint, PayPal usually releases your funds within 21 days.

How to Avoid Money Being Put on Hold in PayPal?

  1. Examine PayPal emails and notifications

PayPal will notify you via email or text message if a problem occurs and hold your funds for the reason they explain in the notification. Be sure to thoroughly read these notifications to understand the reason or reasons behind the hold. You can always get additional information by contacting customer service to clarify why your PayPal money is being held.

  1. Offer friendly customer assistance

Pay attention to your clients if you don’t want PayPal to hold money sent by the client. Customers would appreciate it if you responded to them without wasting time. If the customer trusts you, then there are fewer chances that they might raise a dispute and put your PayPal money on hold.

  1. Post authentic pictures

Posting actual photos of the items you’re selling, including thorough and accurate descriptions, being open and honest about shipping and handling times and costs, processing orders quickly, packing items with care so they arrive in good condition, and being upfront about your return policy will help you avoid refunds, disputes, and chargebacks from customers. Any disputes or chargebacks could result in PayPal holding your money.

  1. Skip the risky products and services

As previously mentioned, if you offer high-risk products and services to your customers, PayPal may freeze your funds. You can find yourself financially bound if the platform determines your company is involved in a high-risk business. Businesses can avoid high-risk products and services or partner with a merchant account provider that caters to these industries.

  1. Constantly keep in touch with your customers

Keep in touch with customers throughout the entirety of their interactions with you. In some circumstances, PayPal may put a payment hold on the transaction if the buyer has a complaint against you or is unsure of your business. Ensure that your consumer receives a receipt automatically after making a transaction, and respond to any queries or concerns immediately to prevent any miscommunication.


In the future, remember that adding monitoring information and adhering to PayPal’s rules can prevent your payments from being put on hold. Additionally, don’t forget to offer excellent customer service as it prevents disagreements that can result in the same issue.

Also, when using PayPal, create a safe password, use two-factor authentication using your phone or an authenticator app, and stay away from using public Wi-Fi. Public Wi-Fi are suseptible to fraudulent activites. In short, by providing complete information regarding a transaction and your business and having transparent account activity, PayPal should not hold your money or restrict your account activity for extended periods.

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