HMS vs. Intuit

With many different merchant services available to businesses, comparing different options is critical to choosing the correct service. A comparison of Intuit to Host Merchant Services shows several areas where we have significant advantages over Intuit.

Long Term Commitment

Intuit’s services require that customers sign a long-term commitment, with penalties of $500 or more should a merchant decide they want to terminate the contract early. The termination fee may be charged regardless of the merchant’s reason for cancellation. Host Merchant Services has no long-term contract or early termination fee. Instead, we work on a daily basis to earn and keep businesses as our customers.

Equipment Charges

With Host, there are no equipment charges as long as the merchant agrees to allow Host Merchant Services to handle their credit card processing. Intuit, on the other hand, wants customers to lock into long-term equipment leases that may have the merchant paying between $2,000 and $5,000 for equipment that is only worth $200. If the customer chooses not to accept the lease terms for equipment, Intuit charges between $500 to $700 or more as an up-front fee to purchase equipment.

Same Day Onsite Service

Host Merchant Services offers same day, onsite service to customers when terminals malfunction. Intuit does not have replacement terminals, nor do they have staff on hand that can repair equipment. Therefore, they must ship terminals from a central location, resulting in lost revenue from their customers that cannot accept credit or debit cards while they are waiting for repairs or replacements.

Transparent Pricing

Host Merchant Services, unlike Intuit, offers transparent pricing to merchants. WSFS credit card processing services include tiered pricing, surcharges and other fees that often end up costing merchants hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of dollars annually. HMS offers transparent “interchange plus” pricing so that businesses know exactly what fees to expect and that they are getting the best possible rate in the merchant services industry.


Host Merchant Services offers no long-term contracts, free equipment, same day service and low, easy-to-understand pricing, giving us a significant advantage over Intuit. For more information on the interchange plus pricing program, visit our Interchange Plus Pricing Guide.

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