Host Merchant Services vs. Durango Merchant Services

Host Merchant Services provides services for high-risk businesses. Durango Merchant Services also does the same, as that company can help merchants that might not have quality credit reports. Businesses of all sorts can struggle if they don’t have the supporting merchant service providers they can trust. But HMS and Durango Merchant Services both provide solutions that work for the unique needs people have surrounding what fits.

The two companies are both American companies formed around the same time. HMS was formed in Delaware in 1997, while Durango Merchant Services was established in Colorado in 1999. They have years of experience and understand the many trends surrounding the industry and how it works.

But while the two are experienced entities that provide support for high-risk businesses, you have to note what makes these two companies different. HMS provides a more suitable approach for managing your accounts, as you will see in this comparison. HMS is a more effective solution that provides favorable terms and better rates all around.

Gateway Support

Host Merchant Services uses a virtual terminal and payment gateway system. The system includes an in-house gateway that can monitor multiple transactions. It can identify recurring billing efforts, handle batch processing systems, and link with many locations.

HMS also provides support for many third-party gateways. You don’t have to change websites to make the HMS system work in your business. You could also use the gateway if you wish, as HMS is an authorized reseller for that system.

Durango Merchant Services has a proprietary gateway system called the Durango Pay Gateway. Durango Pay is hosted on the Google Cloud system. But it does not support integration with every bank like what HMS provides. Durango’s setup may not recognize some international or offshore bank, while Host Merchant Services provides a more consistent setup.

While Durango Pay has a gateway emulator, it does not include exact gateway support for all systems. The concern here is that Durango Pay may not provide the most accurate and updated setups for whatever you plan on using. You must see what fits when you’re trying to handle your data the right way.

Managing Mobile Payments

Host Merchant Services has a solution for mobile payments that is more versatile than the service Durango Merchant Services features. HMS uses the ProcessNow app from TSYS to handle mobile payments in moments. You can also use a free magstripe reader from HMS to work alongside the app to support your transactions in moments.

Durango Merchant Services also uses an outside app, specifically the iProcess app. It can also use an EMV-compliant mobile card reader. But the Durango Merchant Services system does not provide as much support for cards as the HMS one offers. The HMS system supports more cards, from EMV cards to magnetic stripe options. The system is useful for people who have different cards and require extra help.

What You Get From the Equipment

HMS will not charge you any money for the equipment you use. The equipment you utilize will be free as long as you use the proper network that Host Merchant Services incorporates in its setup.

Durango Merchant Services provides outright sales of its terminals and other products through its website. These sales are useful and will not entail annoying lease terms or expenses. But you would still have to return the account if you close your account, thus making the outright sales process meaningless.

HMS’ system for managing equipment is more effective, as it provides access to the equipment you need at the right times. You might have some changes surrounding the specific equipment items you wish to utilize. HMS provides a flexible approach for handling your content that is easier to use. You will appreciate the complete system HMS provides in this situation.

Pricing Points

Durango has different rates for its services. The swiped, keyed-in, and virtual terminal rates for Durango range from 1% to 4.99%. Durango Merchant Services will dictate the term for clients based on a company’s credit rating, plus the rate could change at any time. You’d have to contact a representative at Durango for details on what works for you, and even then, you’d have to spend extra money.

HMS provides simplified pricing for all its customers. These include separate pricing points for retail, restaurant, and ecommerce groups. You would pay the intercharge rate plus a small percentage and a few cents for each transaction. The predictable nature of the HMS setup ensures you’ll get your payments ready without worrying about sudden changes or shifts.

HMS is also straightforward about its rates. HMS does not charge any early termination fees, nor does it have any PCI compliance fees. The gateway fees are also affordable at $5 to $10 per month. Durango Merchant Services does not publicly disclose these fees, and you’d only find them out when you ask for a quote for services. This process of providing data may be questionable to some people.

Credit History Focus

Understanding how these two providers will charge for services is essential when you’re looking for positive terms. But the terms you will find can vary and can be a challenge to manage if you are not careful with what you are finding.

Durango focuses on a company’s credit history when figuring out what it will charge for services. This point may be a concern for people who have been trying to get more money out of what they utilize.

HMS provides a better approach to services, as the company ensures it will help all companies regardless of their credit histories. You will never have to worry about what you might spend on services, as the setup provided is simple and easy to use.

The overall point is that Host Merchant Services provides a more effective and useful solution for web hosting that you can trust. You will appreciate the thorough work that Host Merchant Services provides when you’re looking for a hosting plan that fits your interests and desires, even if you have a tough credit history, and you need extra help in managing an account.

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