HMS vs. Capital Bankcard

Host Merchant Services has been serving people with their merchant service needs since 1997. Capital Bankcard has been around for close to the same time, as they started in 1998.

Both of these groups provide support for thousands of merchant accounts. They support millions of transactions from all these businesses each month.

But what makes these two groups different from one another? As this look at Host Merchant Services and Capital Bankcard shows, many things make HMS a more appealing choice. HMS provides a more secure setup and also includes a better ISO program, among many other advantages.

Processing Efforts

Host Merchant Services manages all credit card processing efforts itself, providing added security. The HMS network is one of the most secure in the merchant service industry. Host Merchant Services also supports multi-location networking between all your devices and clients, a must for businesses with multiple locations.

Capital Bankcard uses an outside source for processing its card transactions. It uses Fiserv, a company that monitors transactions from various parties. The outside service that Capital Bankcard uses may be a problem for some, as the Fiserv system is busier and more vulnerable. You could bear with an undue risk of losses and other problems when handling your data.

Host Merchant Services does better in handling its content and in managing basic functions for your content. You can trust what HMS provides for your needs.

ISO Support

The ISO support from Host Merchant Services provides the top service rating in the industry which leads to happy merchants. HMS can also access multiple banks offers a wide array of processing platforms and solutions. The setup gives you extra help in managing your new opportunities.

Capital Bankcard does not provide many details on the specific accounts it can support. While Capital Bankcard promotes itself as supporting most bank services, it may not qualify for some of the coverage plans you wish to incorporate. An applicant would have to ask Capital Bankcard about what coverage points it features.

Direct Communication

Host Merchant Services provides direct communication with all of its vendors. You can reach someone with HMS in moments, giving you the service you need.

Capital Bankcard does not do well in reaching vendors. You might deal with a third-party service provider who is difficult to work with.

One difficult part of Capital Bankcard is that every agent that works for the company operates differently. Some might provide different rates for service. You might not find the right agent who will give you something appealing, as you would be given access to an agent by random. Host Merchant Services supports quality services that fit your needs.

Sensible Rates

Host Merchant Services and Capital provide many details on their rates to the public. But HMS has rates that may be more effective for your needs, as it works with a more flexible approach for your company.

With Host Merchant Services, you’ll pay an interchange rate plus a specific rate based on your business. Retail stores would pay the interchange rate plus 0.25% and $0.10. A restaurant pays the interchange and 0.20% and $0.09. High-risk merchant accounts are also available for people who need extra help.

The rates for Capital’s services are higher on average than what Host Merchant Services provides. The pricing will vary by the processing volume and the agent you contact. Some people could get a swiped or keyed-in rate as low as 1%, but that is rare. People are more likely to bear a rate closer to the maximum of 4.99%.

PCI Compliance Fees and Other Charges

HMS never charges PCI  non-compliance or penalty fees. It does not charge closure or pin debit fees either. These basic transaction functions are regular things that all businesses manage, and you should not have to spend extra in getting all of these features ready for use.

HMS is straightforward over the fees you’d spend. It costs $14.99 per month to use the service, plus $5 per month for a gateway fee if you apply. HMS also provides a member dashboard that helps you track your expenses and what you might expect to spend based on your functions.

Capital Bankcard charges $79 per year for a PCI compliance fee. This is the only set fee that Capital directly promotes. All other charges are at the agent’s discretion, meaning you could be charged more than necessary. You could be charged extra for leasing equipment, or you might have to pay money to buy your materials altogether. Capital Bankcard does not provide any standards for how its agents work, thus potentially making you spend more than someone else using the same things.

Lease Data

Capital Bankcard provides monthly contracts, but some agents may force you into a three-year term. You’d also have to pay a termination fee if you leave early.

Host Merchant Services does not charge any termination fees, as it only provides monthly contracts. You can enter and leave the HMS system as you see fit.

Equipment Data

Both Host Merchant Services and Capital Bankcard will provide you the necessary equipment for your work needs. But HMS will let you use the equipment for free if you use its system for managing the content. Capital will charge you extra if you do not use your equipment the right way. Capital Bankcard could also produce extra fees for some of the functions you utilize.

Capital’s programs are not as efficient as what you’ll find with HMS. Capital works with specific software programs that may not work on your existing devices, while HMS can work alongside whatever you incorporate. You can ask HMS to retrofit whatever equipment you have to support HMS’ system. The added flexibility is a positive for whatever you demand.

Host Merchant Services provides a better overall merchant services solution that you can trust. Host Merchant Services offers a convenient approach to handling your content that is easy to follow and does more for your business than you might expect. It works better than Capital Bankcard, which has too many charges and not enough protection or overall control over how you’re being charged for services.

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