Getting to Know Credit Cards and Debit Cards, Part 2


  • Credit Card Terminology – definitions of common terms used associated with credit cards.
  • Card Terminology – glossary of terms that are typically used in the credit card industry.
  • Credit Card Terms – listing of fifteen commonly used terms and definitions in credit cards.
  • Bankcard Industry Terminology (PDF) – useful listing of common terms used in the debit and credit card industry.
  • Card Processing Glossary – informative collection of common terms in the card industry.


  • Credit Card Fraud – information and resources on the growing problem of credit card fraud.
  • Stolen Cards – helpful information from the FTC on what to do if cards are lost or stolen.
  • Credit Card Security – recommendations on credit card security from the top credit card issuers.
  • Credit Card Security Precautions – informative resource and tips on how to keep your credit cards safe.
  • Credit Card Security – typical credit card procedures that are in place to ensure card security.

Legal Concerns

  • Credit Card Rules – overview of new rules governing credit cards which went into effect in 2011.
  • Rules and Regulations – brief review of rules and regulations on credit card billing.
  • Chargeback Rights – resource covering consumer rights on chargeback of credit card purchases.
  • Credit Card Laws – summary of laws pertaining to fees and late charges on credit cards.
  • Guide to Interest Rates – informative resource on the laws governing interest rates charged by lenders.


  • Credit Cards and Consumer Loans – useful information about credit cards and other consumer loans.
  • Consumer Information – informative resources aimed at educating consumers on how to be smart shoppers for credit.
  • Credit Card Repayment Calculator – interactive website for consumers to calculate credit card debt and repayment.
  • Credit Cards and Debt – helpful consumer resource dealing with credit cards and debt reduction.
  • Debit Cards – article explaining how debit cards can be used by employers for paychecks.

As a consumer, you have a choice of debit or credit cards, to help meet your financial needs. If you have a good financial standing, by shopping for the best possible deal, you can find a credit card provider that will be a good fit for you. Or, if you have had problems with overspending, and you want to stay within your current financial structure, but want the convenience of carrying a card instead of cash or a checkbook, then a debit card will work for you. Either way, enjoy the convenience that credit and debit cards provide.

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