Five Best Features of the PAX A920 Mobile Payment Terminal

The PAX A920 is a unique mobile terminal. This Android-powered terminal is useful for when you’re looking for something in between a mobile payment terminal and a more advanced POS setup. 

The terminal comes from PAX Technology, a Shenzhen-based payment terminal manufacturer. The company offers EMV-certified POS systems on all continents.

The PAX A920 features a five-inch IPS touchscreen and meets all PCI PTS 5.x standards for cardholder data security. It also features an ergonomic design that fits in either hand.

Those features are just the start of what you’ll find in the PAX A920. Here are five of the best things to watch for when looking at the PAX A920 mobile payment terminal.

Works With Many Connections

The PAX A920 is versatile for how it can manage various connections. It can handle many systems:

  • The built-in card reader can handle chip, magstripe, and NFC cards. The back part of the device features a contactless payment antenna.
  • The terminal works in 2G, 3G, and 4G wireless networks.
  • The terminal can also handle Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz and Bluetooth connections.

The flexibility and design ensure the PAX A920 can work for many needs. You can use the PAX A920 indoors and outdoors alike. You can even store any transactions on the system and load them up online if you’re in a spot where you don’t have access to an online signal.

The connections work with all major card security standards. It works with EMV and PCI 5x standards, two points that are in operation from now until 2029.

Long-Running Battery

The PAX A920 features one of the best batteries on the market. The 5250 mAh battery provides a ten-hour battery life on average. You can use it during an entire work shift and still have enough power for the next one.

You can remove the battery as necessary. The back end has a small latch that lets you open the battery. You can contact your supplier to get a replacement battery if necessary.

PAX sells a separate charging base that lets you charge the A920 in moments. You can also use a dedicated plug that links to the Micro USB plug at the bottom end to power up the battery.

One reason why the battery lasts so long is that the A920 uses the ARM Cortex A7 processor. The processor is equal to Verifone’s Cortex A9, a low-power processor. The Cortex A7 is more efficient than other comparable processors, ensuring the A920 won’t use lots of battery power.

Easy To Read

The problem with so many mobile payment terminals is that they are tough to read unless you position them at the right angle. Some models require you to increase the brightness level on the screen, thus draining the battery. But the PAX A920 features a more efficient screen that is easy to manage.

The A920 features a five-inch IPS display. The 720×1280 WXGA screen provides a detailed look that lets you sort apps and other features with ease. The design also provides a good image you can see from any viewing angle without adjusting the brightness.

The screen doesn’t require a stylus either. The screen can respond to your finger’s movements. You can collect electronic signatures through the screen.

The machine is about seven inches in size. The five-inch screen covers most of the space, ensuring the A920 looks and feels like a tablet instead of some bulky device that doesn’t have much flexibility.

The screen does require regular cleaning to ensure it stays easy to read. The smooth design responds well to most cleaning materials and pads. It will not produce smears or anything that might obscure your vision.

Android Functionality

The PAX A920 runs on the Android mobile operating system. Android is popular for being user-friendly and easy to customize.

You can use various apps on the A920 by going to the PAXSTORE to download new programs. The PAXSTORE provides a full listing of Android-powered apps you can utilize on your device. You can customize your A920 with whatever apps you need based on your operations.

The PAXSTORE divides its apps into many categories based on customer service, business operations, analytics, marketing, and other points. You will find everything you need out of the A920 through the PAXSTORE.

The Android OS can also support programs that can run multimedia files. You can play these files back to customers for promotional purposes. You could also send data to others in your business through some apps. The device also features two small buttons that let you adjust the volume on the device.

Printer Support

Sometimes you might need to print a receipt for some transactions. These include cases where a customer requests a receipt, or instances where you need to provide a printed code or other bits of data to someone.

The A920 features a small printer at the top end. The two-inch printer features room for a 57×40 mm roll. The roller moves at up to 40 mm per second.

The printer is a thermal model. It does not require ink, thus reducing the weight. It applies heat to the printer paper, producing a black tone listing whatever text and other images you want to add to the printer. You can use an app on the A920 to customize how your receipts and printouts look.

The paper roll compartment is under the lower end of the terminal. A rubber gripping allows the roll to move in moments. You can also replace the roll in a few moments.

The 57×40 mm paper roll format is a standard utilized in many payment devices. The A920’s support for this ensures you can find new replacement rolls in moments.

See What the A920 Offers

These five features make the PAX A920 one of the most exciting payment terminals around. Take a look at what the A920 offers if you’re looking for a distinct terminal. It provides a sensible design that you can handle in moments. The A920’s flexible Android OS makes it especially worthwhile.

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