The Equinox T4200 Family

The Equinox T4200 Family

The Equinox T4205, T4210 and T4220 Payment Systems: An Inside Look by Host Merchant ServicesPreviously known as the Hypercom brand, Equinox Payments has been leading the way with a range of performance-oriented payment system solutions for the merchant, starting with the T4205 merchant-activated system. Designed by Equinox to cater to merchants seeking a “no-nonsense, affordable, rock-solid and reliable” payment system, the 4205 is based on the successful 4200 platform and will run all existing T4200-certified business applications without any modifications necessary. Further, the 4205 boasts PCI PTS approval while offering, according to the company, the flexibility required to support debit with or without an external PIN pad. Other T4205 features include Equinox’s Secure Architecture for high-powered protection against any unauthorized loading of applications, full compatibility with all standard point-to-point encryption schemes, remote terminal management suite and secure and fully certified remote symmetric key loading solution.

Equinox Hypercom Terminals

The T4210 from Equinox Payments was designed specifically for merchants seeking everything the 4205 model offers in a payment system ­ with a technologically advanced edge. This unit includes 24MB of total memory, a powerful ARM9 processor for rapid transaction activities and multiple application support; Equinox is quick to note that these features are normally found exclusively on more expensive payment system types. Also based on the successful 4200 platform, the T4210 is PCI PTS approved and its slim, ergonomic profile makes it ideal for handover sales environments. Furthermore, this model was designed in a modular style to protect investments of merchants while they grow; ­ consider the unit’s large memory capacity and the fact that it can easily accept value-added applications to meet current and future demands.At the top of the Equinox roster that Host Merchant Services supports is the T4220, designed for merchants that demand nothing short of unrivaled IP transaction and download speeds fused with rock-solid security characteristics. A robust payment system, the 4220 boasts standard equipment such as integrated PCI PTS-approved PIN entry capability and Equinox’s proprietary Equinox Secure Architecture as well as an IP diagnostics application that clearly communicates when an error has occurred and, more importantly, suggests methods to correct it.The “4200 family” from Equinox Payments encompasses payment solution system models that not only boast superior IP performance but security protocols as well ­ one of the most vital of elements in this sector.Beyond these Equnox products, Host Merchant Services also supports a series of Verifone terminals from the VX family — including the VX 510, VX 520 and VX 570.

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