Bank of America Return Item Chargeback

Bank of America Return Item Chargeback

Chargebacks and disputes can be a confusing process for merchants when dealing with customers who bank with Bank of America. Knowing what to do, where to go, and who to talk to is essential in order to handle the issue efficiently. This guide will provide you with quick and simple tips on navigating the chargeback process. 

What Is Bank of America Return Item Chargeback

As a merchant, If you had to deal with a customer who own Bank of America credit card and initiated a chargeback request, you will experience a Bank of America chargeback. There are many who believe that chargebacks and refunds are the same, but this does not the case. A chargeback occurs when a customer or cardholder contacts their bank to dispute a transaction against the merchant. This could be due to fraud or an item not being received as advertised. On the other hand, a refund typically occurs when a merchant offers it as part of a kind gesture or because of dissatisfaction with the item purchased or the service provided to the customer.

Bank of America Return Item Chargeback Process

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When Bank of America receives a chargeback notification from a customer, it will notify the merchant’s bank. The bank will pass that notification to the merchant. In the case that the merchant decides to fight back, Bank of America examine the evidence provided by the merchant and determines whether or not to reverse or uphold the dispute. Within 30 days, Bank of America will make a decision regarding Visa chargebacks or within 45 days pertaining to Mastercard chargebacks.

If the bank approves the chargeback request, the merchant will see a deduction in their funds that are available and also an additional chargeback fee from their account. Additionally, the temporary credit that is given to the cardholder actually becomes permanent.

Bank of America Chargeback Time Limits

Customers could initiate a chargeback request with a Bank of America card within a time frame of two months after the purchase. The time period to react to a dispute for merchants rely on the affiliated credit card network. Merchants must reply with the required details and proofs within a time frame of (30 days) for transactions made through Visa and (45 days) for transactions through Mastercard.

Are There Any Merchant Fees Associated With A Bank of America Chargeback?

Bank of America imposes a fee of $25 to $50 on each disputed charge. This fee is usually defined in the merchant agreement. In almost all cases, the merchant agreement stipulates that the merchant shall pay the fee each time the customer initiates a chargeback request.

Why It Pays to Fight Bank of America Chargebacks as a Merchant


When merchants process payments, they run the risk of chargebacks. Chargebacks are when a customer disputes a transaction and the payment processor issues a refund to the customer. This is costly for merchants, as they lose out on both the original sale price and any processing fees associated with it. 

It pays to fight Bank of America chargebacks because doing so can help reduce false claims and recoup lost funds. By fighting back the case, merchants can provide additional evidence that supports their case to dispute fraudulent activity or negligence by customers. Merchants should also be aware of Bank of America’s rules regarding chargebacks, as well as the timelines surrounding them. Knowing this information and understanding potential causes for dispute resolution can give merchants an edge when defending against chargeback claims from Bank of America customers.

Dealing With the Bank of Americas Dispute Resolution Process as a Customer

The Bank of America dispute resolution process, can feel intimidating. Knowing how to handle the situation adequately is essential for customers in a bind. Customers have two methods available to them when dealing with disputes on their account: online and over the phone. 

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  1. Over the Phone

Calling Bank of America is the best option for those wanting the fastest resolution. Customers who prefer to use something other than the online method can also contact customer service directly through phone or email. The customer service representative at Bank of America has access to more information than an online user would and can provide expertise on specific questions or concerns critical in resolving disputes quickly and efficiently. Through this direct contact, customers can get personalized attention while working through their dispute problems. 

However, if customers cannot call or prefer not to speak directly, they have another option: accessing their bank accounts online through Bank of America’s website.

  1. Online Banking Services

The second way is by using the bank’s online banking service. This allows customers quickly address issues of fraud, unauthorized charges, or errors in processing payments and deposits. Customers can also use this method to resolve disputes between them and merchants, such as bad checks or returned merchandise. 


  • How Do I Initiate a Bank of America Return Item Chargeback? 

As a customer, need to contact Bank of America directly to initiate a chargeback request. You will be asked for details such as your account number, the merchants name, the purchase amount and date, and proof of return (such as store credit). Once this information has been provided, then the dispute process can begin.

  • As a Customer, What Are the Requirements for a Successful Bank of America Return Item Chargeback?

Several requirements must be met for a successful Bank of America Return Item Chargeback. You must provide evidence that you did not receive the goods or services you paid for, proof that the funds were taken out of your account without permission, and documentation showing any attempts at returning funds through other means. Furthermore, it’s important to include copies of all receipts and other supporting documents with your claim form to expedite processing time and ensure success with your chargeback request.

  • As a Customer, How Do I Know if My Chargeback Has Been Accepted? 

You’ll receive an email from Bank of America with information regarding your return item chargeback and any associated fees.

  • How Much Time Does a Bank of America Claim Take?

The amount of time it takes for Bank of America to process and approve a claim can vary depending on which card network is used. Generally speaking, claims submitted with Visa cards take approximately (30 days), while those submitted with Mastercard cards take (45 days). It’s also important to note that additional processing times may be associated with certain types of claims.


Bank of America Return Item Chargeback policy is an effective way to protect customers from fraudulent purchases. The procedure makes it easier for customers to dispute charges, and refunds can be credited within a few days. The process is simple to use and requires minimal paperwork. Bank of America’s Return Item Chargeback helps customers feel more secure when making online purchases. To ensure complete protection when purchasing online, customers must familiarize themselves with their bank’s chargeback policies and procedures in order to protect themselves if there is anything that needs to be disputed.

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