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American Express has always been separated from other major cards in the credit card processing industry. For business owners large and small, this separation has always created added steps and paperwork when accepting AMEX. Great news! American Express has hopped on board the Host Merchant Services team!

HMS customers will now be able to process American Express Card transactions just as they do with other major credit cards. We have streamlined the process of accepting American Express Cards and now offer merchants one contract for all card brands.


Benefits for Merchants

  • Simplified payment management — all card payment information on one statement
  • Single contact point for support — merchants will no longer need to contact American Express for card transaction and billing issues
  • Potentially lower costs — less expensive to accept American Express Cards with lower rates available
  • Faster payment — only one deposit necessary for all card networks

Get ready to easily accept American Express with your other card brands. Contact Host Merchant Services for more information.

Is it important to HMS merchants that they be able to accept American Express Cards?

According to American Express’ 2012 annual report, there are currently more than 50 million American Express Cards and products of various types being used in the U.S. That’s a lot of potential customers, many of whom have strong, long-term loyalty to the American Express brand and might choose not to patronize a business that doesn’t accept them. Merchants will be happy to gain or keep those customers. Accepting American Express Cards can allow your merchants to reach a broad network of high-spending consumer, small-business and corporate card members.

So merchants who accept American Express Cards will not have to work directly with them on statement reconciliation, billing questions, chargebacks, reporting and the like?

That’s right. With only one unified monthly statement and one single point of contact for all questions related to all of their cards, merchants will find the reconciliation process and payment management far simpler than before. This will save a great deal of time, which could translate to potential revenue for both your merchants and you.

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