A Review of the Dejavoo Z8 Payment Terminal – Features and Capabilities [2022 Update]

Dejavoo’s newest countertop terminal is the Dejavoo Z8 Credit Card Machine. It is a dual-communication credit card machine capable of processing credit cards swiftly through a regular phone line or an Ethernet connection. In addition, a Tri communication device with built-in Wi-Fi is also available for convenience and versatility.

Dejavoo point-of-sale devices run on Linux and may be downloaded and updated through a USB connection in less than a minute. The Dejavoo Z8 has a high-speed thermal printer, a backlit display with excellent contrast, and a privacy barrier. The Z8 has built-in loyalty and rewards features and a direct connection to the merchant site, which lets merchants examine their terminals, get batch alerts, order supplies, and access technical help remotely or by a button press.

What Is Dejavoo?

Dejavoo operates its own hosted gateway platform to support Denovo Network accounts while maintaining PCI Compliance requirements with Dejavoo hosting Dejavoo payment terminals. Dejavoo’s Denovo Network is a hosted gateway service for PIN Debit transactions, which Dejavoo has been offering since 2006 as an independent solution from any network or acquiring bank. In addition to Denovo as a building block, Dejavoo Network Gateway also offers EMV and NFC capabilities.

In addition to its core products, Dejavoo recently launched the ability to process payment using their eWallets, allowing merchants using compatible contactless terminals to offer their customers the option of using their gadgets to complete a purchase.

With all these features and benefits available in one package – not to mention free terminal provisioning – it’s no wonder Dejavoo has received praise for its Dejavoo Z8 product line, winning the Global Contactless Award for Best New Payment Product. 

Dejavoo Z8 Contactless Terminal Key Features:

  • Contactless communication through dual communication with EMV and NFC Integrated 2.4″ color LCD display with backlight
  • Memory: 192 MB (128 MB RAM / 64 MB DDR RAM)
  • PCI PTS certified EMV 4.x L1 and L2 certified 32bits 400MHz high-speed microprocessor Visa payWave, MasterCard PayPass, American Express, and JCB J/Speedy certified
  • Dual-comm & WiFi version available as an option


The following are the technical specifications for the Dejavoo Z8.


Dejavoo Z8 countertop credit card machine has various connectivity options, including dial-up, Ethernet, and Wifi, to accommodate different needs. Aside from being Bluetooth-enabled, the Z8 also contains serial and USB connectors.


In addition to providing a bright, easy-to-read screen for consumers, a 2.4″ backlit LCD color screen is available for companies.


The Dejavoo Z8 terminal has 15 conventional keys and 6 function keys for rapid entry, and a touch screen display.


The Z8 weighs 375 grams, making it light enough to be carried for extended periods and built for mobility. The terminal is 190mm in length, 78mm in width, and 78mm in height.


The Dejavoo Z8 credit card machine is equipped with a memory module. According to the manufacturer, the terminal is equipped with 192MB of total capacity, divided between 128MB of flash memory and 64MB of DDR RAM. The terminal has the capability of storing more than 30,000 transactions in a single batch of transactions.


The built-in graphical printer on the Dejavoo Z8 prints at a speed of 100mm per second, guaranteeing that consumers are not held up while receipts are being printed, resulting in longer queues.

Credit Card Processors that are compatible

The Dejavoo Z8 is not a proprietary terminal, which means that it is compatible with a wide range of processing platforms. Additionally, specific processors have the capability of reprogramming Z8s. If you currently have a Z8 and are thinking about switching processors, be careful to verify with the new processor about the possibility of reprogramming your terminal before canceling your current service with the old processor.


Currently, as of May 2022, Host Merchant Services is offering the Dejavoo Z8 for $215. This price is subject to change in the future due to market fluctuations, however, it represents an excellent value for a powerful and flexible terminal.

Prices for the Z8 may vary based on where you buy it and how much you spend. When purchased outright from a credit card terminal distributor, the Z8 will typically cost a few hundred dollars or less.

The charges for the machine itself are distinct from the costs associated with accepting credit card payments. The rates and fees for accepting credit and debit cards are established from a quick review of your business. For our published credit card processing pricing, please review this pricing information page.

Is Dejavoo Z8 Worth It?

Dejavoo Z8 POS machines use Linux and can be updated in less than a minute over USB. The Dejavoo Z8 credit card terminal also incorporates a privacy barrier and a high contrast backlit screen. There is also direct access to the merchant site where merchants may examine their terminals, batch alerts, purchase supplies, and obtain technical help remotely or by button press. Host Merchant Services recommends this reliable terminal for merchants of all types – retail, restaurant, and especially those implementing a cash discount program.

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