A Review of Shopkeep Point of Sale

The ShopKeep POS system is an iPad-based cloud POS solution that works well for businesses of all sorts. The company serves businesses throughout the United States and Canada with helpful payment processing options, employee and inventory management solutions, and 24-hour customer support. You will find many features in Shopkeep that you can trust when you’re handling your data. 

Process Payments With Ease

The most popular part of the Shopkeep system is how it offers a sensible payment processing system you can trust. The POS system lets you process most credit and debit payments. You can get a hardware-based card reader from Shopkeep, but you can also accept online payments through your iOS-based storefront if you have an online presence you want to support.

The POS software from Shopkeep is also convenient for your use:

  • You can track and record your inventory through the Shopkeep POS platform.
  • You can also modify whatever items are in your inventory as necessary.
  • The analytics feature on the POS platform lets you see what products or services you are selling the most.
  • Employee tracking is available in the POS layout. The tracking design lets you check on which employees are doing the best when selling items. You can use as many employees as you wish here.

Most of these features are available through the Shopkeep Basic plan. You can upgrade to the Essential plan to access QuickBooks integration and gift card support. The Advanced plan lets you link a customer loyalty program to your system, plus you can use as many registers in your setup as you wish. Other advanced features include integrations with MailChimp for email marketing projects and BigCommerce for online activities.

How Does the Hardware Work?

The hardware that Shopkeep provides for your use is convenient and works for many purposes. Shopkeep offers a system that works on iOS devices, but you can also get it to work on Clover devices if you prefer. You can order a setup with the necessary printers if you wish, but you can also order a Clover Mini or Clover Station if you need it for work.

The customer service department at Shopkeep will help you see how you can get your hardware ready for use. The team will walk you through the process when you are ready, ensuring you will receive the help you demand.

How the Cloud Works

The cloud connection on the Shopkeep system is one of the most convenient parts of this solution. The cloud system lets you sync data from your device to the dedicated Shopkeep network. The app can also take offline orders and move them to the cloud when you get a connection once again.

The cloud system works well when you’re aiming to collect on-the-go payments. But you’ll need to ensure you get your payments on the network soon if you’re offline. You will be held liable for cases where you don’t have a connection and you cannot get your transactions reported. But it won’t be tough for you to get the transaction working if you know what you will get from a system of value.

Customer Service Points

You can trust the customer service team at Shopkeep for when you have questions or other concerns surrounding whatever you’re trying to manage here. The 24-hour team is available by email, phone, and live chat. There’s also a support center available to help you with whatever tasks you want to complete and manage.

What Is the Price?

Shopkeep features an affordable solution for your work you can trust. You can pay for services by the month, or you can save money with an annual deal where you can reserve an entire year’s worth of services.

The Basic plan is $69 per month, or $49 per year when billed annually. You can move up to the Essential plan for $99 a month or the Advanced plan for $199 a month, with a $20 monthly discount for each of those when billed annually. The company is transparent in explaining what you will spend on services, ensuring you will never be surprised over what you will spend for work and anything else you might manage.

A Free Choice Is Open

You can also use a free solution from the team at Shopkeep if you prefer. The free option provides access to one register and employee and an unlimited inventory, plus you can use sales reports. But the free system is only open to businesses that process less than $5,000 a month with the Shopkeep platform. The system also doesn’t offer live customer support, so you’d have to pay extra to get to most of the features here. The free option is helpful if you run a small operation and you’re trying to see how well the setup can work for your needs.

The free choice is especially popular among smaller retailers that handle most of their activities on the go. The portable nature of the Shopkeep system helps you handle these transactions fast and without putting in lots of delays in what you manage.

Pros and Cons


  • Provides a user-friendly approach to work
  • No long-term contracts are necessary
  • You can record as many employees in one system as you wish
  • You can accept online and offline transactions alike


  • May not work well for more massive businesses
  • It costs extra to access some of the integration features


The Shopkeep POS solution is a helpful choice for when you want to run different transactions. Shopkeep provides a streamlined approach to work that helps you collect payments and record data in moments. Take a look at your business’ needs when figuring out which platform you want to use, especially if you have multiple integrations you want to utilize. You may find some useful functions with Shopkeep when you see how well it operates and how you can make more with the content you collect.

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