A Review of Revel Systems Point of Sale

Revel Systems has been offering top-rate point-of-sale solutions for businesses since 2010. The company provides an advanced POS solution for restaurants, retail stores, and other physical businesses. The thorough design of the Revel platform makes it a must-have for anyone aiming to handle more transactions. 

Revel does charge at least $99 per month for access to its POS solutions. But the total cost will be worthwhile when you consider the convenient features you’ll get from a Revel POS solution. The system’s flexibility will be to your benefit.

How the Hardware Works

Revel uses an iPad-based POS system. You can acquire the hardware for use through many third-party companies that Revel supports. You will likely require iOS devices for your work needs when necessary.

The company also sells payment acceptance devices that fit multiple transaction needs. You can acquire a card scanner or an EMV chip reader, among other tools for your work needs.

The expenses for iPads can be high. But these charges are necessary, as Apple uses a dedicated approach to producing content. Apple’s iOS layout is stable and provides a convenient design that fits whatever work plans you want to handle.

What About the Software?

Revel provides a software system that works for all businesses. You’ll find many thorough features that work to your benefit:

  • Revel offers separate POS options for businesses of all types. You can search through the Revel system to see which template works for you.
  • You can customize your experience through multiple back-end systems on the Revel platform. You can produce a new menu, incorporate multiple inventory items, and review individual employees through the same platform.
  • The open API lets you integrate multiple third-party programs with Revel. You can use this when managing reward programs, accounting files, and anything else you use from an outside party.
  • You’ll get automatic updates to the software directly from Revel.
  • You can get as many users on your software platform as you wish. You can also create unique permissions for each person.
  • The software can be locally-based, or you can access everything on the cloud if you prefer.

Revel lets you review all your data on the same software program, giving you more control over how you handle your content. You’ll appreciate how well the Revel system works when you’re finding something of convenience for your needs.

Add Multiple Functions

You can also include various additional functions in your Revel Systems POS package. You can incorporate these features based on whatever tasks you want to handle in your business:

  • You can order a display system for your POS setup if you wish. The system lets you display prices and other features to your customers.
  • You can integrate with multiple employee management programs with Revel. The system supports Homebase, Deputy, and DTT platforms.
  • Additional integrations for Xero and QuickBooks Online are open for use. You’ll have an easier time moving your transaction data to those platforms when using the right integration.
  • Some of the loyalty programs you can handle include ones from LevelUp, LoyalTree, and Pepper.
  • Mobile payment processing support is available. Revel supports PayPal, Apple Pay, and Braintree payments.
  • You could even accept Bitcoin payments with Revel. Revel offers help for businesses looking to accept this currency. There’s a potential that more crypto choices may be available soon.

All these functions are convenient for many needs, but it will cost extra for you to get these things ready. Revel will help you recognize what you might spend on something before starting, ensuring you’ll know what you will spend on anything you use here.

What Does It Cost?

As convenient as the Revel system can work, you’ll need to watch how much it will cost for you to get a service running right. Revel systems will start at $99 per month, and you will require iOS-compliant devices to make it work. Apple’s iPads and other iOS devices are more expensive than most other solutions.

You can have a professional install your Revel setup at your business if you’re unsure how to install it yourself. You’ll spend at least $649 on installation services if you employ them.

The processing fee for transactions will also vary over your industry of work and other factors. Revel can talk with you about whatever you will manage in any situation.

Customer Service Points

The customer service department at Revel is there to help you with all your work needs. The department offers twenty-four-hour services by phone, email, and live chat. You can have a technician remotely access your Revel system to review anything that concerns you with your system.

The Revel University system also provides all the info you need when you’re looking to learn how to use the Revel platform. The system provides info on how you can manage your business operations and how you can configure your interface. The university also has videos to illustrate how you can manage many tasks of value.

Customer reviews have found the service department to be very beneficial. The team here is always open about what customers can use for their work needs, giving you a better idea of what you can expect when completing your work processes right.

Pros and Cons


  • The system is always being updated with new features
  • The customer service team is always there for your needs
  • Offers support for multiple third-party solutions


  • It costs more to use this solution than others
  • Revel isn’t always transparent over what you will spend on services

A Final Word

Revel Systems offers one of the most technically functional POS options for use today. You will find many things to benefit from when you use Revel’s platform, so take note of what you are getting from a system when finding something of convenience to you. Revel will do well when you need to handle anything for POS purposes, especially when you want to manage your content right.

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