A Review of Lightspeed Point of Sale

The Lightspeed POS solution works for businesses in all industries, but it does well with restaurant and retail companies. Lightspeed uses an iOS-based approach to POS work that is stable and convenient for your use. 

Lightspeed has been providing businesses with POS solutions for the past fifteen years. The Canadian company also offers customizable options that will fit your business’ specific needs.

How Can You Use Lightspeed?

Lightspeed operates on iOS-enabled devices. You can get your ordering system ready after you complete your in-browser setup from your POS. You can use the design to add inventory to your website and help you make your contents easier to sell.

Lightspeed offers hardware kits for your convenience, including an iPad-based kit and a desktop option. You can use a scanner, receipt printer, and cash drawer as necessary. You can get these ready with your iPad or desktop computer. You can also use USB or Bluetooth connections for whatever items you want to incorporate in your work.

Establishing a Thorough POS Experience

You can get a POS system running well with the Lightspeed platform. Lightspeed offers many support functions for your convenience:

  • You can accept all payment types with Lightspeed. These include a check, credit or debit card, and gift card. You can also list store credit as a payment option on the platform.
  • You can customize your receipts to include product descriptions and other notes. The data makes it easier for people to track their orders and to confirm their purchases.
  • You can also link your customers to a loyalty program. You can save customer data and use it to record when they make purchases, and then give details on whatever loyalty rewards these customers can use.

Lightspeed provides one of the easiest solutions you can utilize when getting online. With Lightspeed, you can monitor your business’ offerings in moments. You can also facilitate orders without delay, plus your customers could also use your platform to enter in their orders if you want to install an ordering kiosk somewhere.

Get Your Ecommerce Plans Running

Lightspeed also offers a helpful design for your ecommerce needs. You can create a thorough template for your online storefront through Lightspeed. You can add various things to your website, including:

  • The ability to make appointments for meetings or other activities
  • Database support for all customer info, including card data and order history
  • Wishlists where customers can add certain products to the site for purchase
  • Shipping options for customers to use, including for in-store pickup and other local solutions
  • Photos of each product you sell; you can also add short videos if you want

The ecommerce system does well with helping you manage whatever orders you want to process. You will get the platform running well for most of the controls you want to handle at any moment. 

Inventory Help

You’ll need to keep tabs on your business’ inventory when taking care of transactions. Lightspeed offers a convenient design where you can keep track of all the items you have on hold and how often you sell these products. You’ll find many convenient features in the inventory setup on the Lightspeed platform:

  • You can add customizable tags to whatever items you have in your inventory. These include whatever photos you have of the products you offer while online.
  • Item variation options are available in the inventory. You can list products by color, size, quantity, packaging, or whatever else you offer to your customers.
  • Multiple store support is also included here. You can review what products are in specific locations, including whether you need to move things to different places as necessary.

Get Reports Ready

Proper reports on what you’re getting out of your inventory and sales can be critical to your success. You can prepare reports on what products are selling and how often they are being sold to people. The analytics features on the Lightspeed platform will help you see how well you’re selling items, giving you more control over what you want to manage in your work.

What Does It Cost?

The price for using the Lightspeed POS platform will vary surrounding whatever functions you use. It costs $79 per month to access a basic program that offers a free terminal account and access to the retail POS solution. It costs $119 per month for a platform that lets you set up an ecommerce site.

These prices are based on Lightspeed’s monthly billing option. You can also get billed by the year and receive a monthly discount on services. The flexible choice you have for how you will be billed is convenient, as you don’t have to enter a long-term contract if you don’t wish.

Customer Service Features

The 24-hour customer service department at Lightspeed will help you with whatever tasks you wish to handle. The team offers live online training for all your workers. The team can also help you set up your software when you get started with your program. There’s even the option to get a personalized follow-up contact to confirm that your business is handling its efforts well.

Pros and Cons


  • Works with many payment options
  • Easy to manage your online outlet
  • The customer service department can help you with many things
  • No long-term contracts are necessary for your work


  • The iOS system isn’t easy for all people to follow
  • You may need help from the customer service team when setting up the system


The Lightspeed POS solution is helpful for when you want to get more out of your communications and interactions with your customers. Be sure you see how well the Lightspeed system can work if you’re looking for something convenient for your work needs without being too complicated. The system is ideal for online and in-person sales alike. Be sure you look at how the system works and that you can find a platform for work that you can trust and use for any general needs your business may hold.

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