A Review of Clover Point of Sale for 2023

Since its founding in 2010, Clover® has its roots in offering Android tablet-based point of sale products. Clover’s cloud-native POS systems are best suited for restaurants, retail, and professional services businesses. Coupled with the ergonomic and durable hardware is Clover’s intuitively designed software and interface, all packaged as an easy-to-understand setup.

The company has also taken a tried and true method of an App store and has ingeniously created that ecosystem for merchants using Clover POS. Merchants can pick and choose the specific functions they need from an array of apps offered to add to Clover’s adaptability.

Below we discuss the specific features available from Clover POS as well as the different hardware offered.

Point of Sale Terminals 

  • Clover Go – is a smartphone-based card reader that works with both Android and iOS devices to accept contactless, swipe, and chip payments anywhere with  Wi-Fi or cell phone coverage.
  • Clover Flex – A touchscreen handheld device for payment processing and an attached printer for receipts.
  • Clover Mini – This is a more company version of an all-in-one terminal with a 7” touchscreen, a printer for receipts and a card reader.
  • Clover Station – A full-feature POS offering by Clover that comes equipped with a revolving 14-inch employee-facing touchscreen, a card reader, a receipt printer with an accompanying client-facing display, and a cash register.

Clover Station Pro — Clover’s Top-tier Hardware Package Includes:

  • A high-def 14” employee-facing touchscreen.
  • 7” client-facing touchscreen.
  • Card reader
  • Printer for receipts
  • Cash register
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Features and Functionality 

Clover POS is one of the best and most versatile on the market. More than the reliable and sleek hardware, there is tremendous value in the software features and the apps designed to cater to specific industry needs. Some valuable features are:

Order Management – The order management feature is very useful for restaurants that often have varying orders for the same product on any given day. Think of all the ways to order a burger; hold the cheese, no tomatoes, extra ketchup, etc. These customizations can be easily accommodated for all menu items and charged accordingly with Clover’s POS Register app.

Customer management – Clover POS can also work as a CRM tool for businesses where merchants can store extensive profiles about their customers. Merchants can quickly build insights into how often customers visit, products they prefer, billing details, delivery options, and even allergies they may have. From there, specific loyalty or reward programs can be curated for customer retention or suggestive selling.

App store – a hallmark of Clover POS is its apps store and how Clover has championed a minimalist design and done away with the bloatware of unnecessary functions. Instead, merchants can choose to add or remove functionality when they need it, depending on the specific industry’s needs. Third-party vendors are encouraged to add to the ecosystem, and the result is a marketplace of easy-to-integrate business services such as payroll, marketing, and accounting. Some notable apps offered by Clover include:

  • Payments Plus – employee management tools to track timesheets, attendance, and storage of customer profiles and spending habits.
  • Register Lite Plan – an add-on functionality to Payment Plus. This app offers inventory management, tax calculations, and advanced order management.
  • Register Plan – an upgrade from Register Lite, this plan lets restaurants use advanced inventory management and tracking, and functionality to combine many different orders or to send orders to the kitchen.
  • Table Service: This is an advanced restaurant feature that allows table mapping and availability views, taking tableside orders or payments by scan, and various check-splitting options.

Reporting & Analytics – Clover POS lets users get a detailed view of daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly, or specific holidays of sales, inventory, and even personnel. Merchants can then plan orders, staffing, promotions, pricing, and more around peak times or the holiday season.

Easy to use

One of Clover POS’s most significant advantages is that it is straightforward to use, and the setup process takes only a few minutes. Anyone used to using a smartphone or a tablet device can see the parallels between mobile devices and Clover’s POS. The terminals are almost ready to use out of the box with few parts to plug together.

As a result of this intuitive user experience, merchants and their staff often laud Clover’s terminals to be easy to grasp with a very limited learning curve. The design thinking elements are at complete display as Clover has successfully removed all friction and pain points of adopting the products. A quick 30-minute tutorial is all it takes to start using the terminals for their main functionalities, customer, inventory, and reporting.

Customer Service

If you still have questions, Clover has 24/7 support via chat, email, and phone. All merchants have a dedicated support line for any questions they may need help with, available on the device or the dashboard. Furthermore, Clover has a huge repository in the Help Section of its website for self-diagnosis and do-it-yourself guides.

Clover gets many things right with its POS offering. Since the company’s founding, it employed the Android software on tablet-like devices and offered merchants the concept of simply installing an app for the functions they needed to use. It was a clever way to go to market, leverage merchants to utilize their existing knowledge of using mobile devices, thereby flattening Clover’s POS’s learning curve.

The result has been a durable, intuitive, easy-to-understand package that can adapt to many different business needs. There’s almost a limitless number of apps available for merchants to utilize Clover POS and to easily integrate merchants’ other workflows with the product.

The sheer number of vendors and merchant account providers willing to work with Clover has made it a one-stop-shop for merchant needs and making it one of the best choices for point of sale terminals.

The Clover® name and logo are trademarks owned by Clover Network, Inc., an affiliate of First Data Merchant Services LLC, and registered or used in the U.S. and many foreign countries.

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