A Review of Aloha Point of Sale

NCR’s Aloha point-of-sale program is a unique solution for restaurants that need a POS system. Aloha is specifically made for restaurants and is used in tens of thousands of them throughout the world. This guide will help you see how well the Aloha POS solution can work when you’re aiming to use something for your restaurant needs.

Aloha provides a flexible design that works for restaurants. The team here is always there to help businesses manage their POS solutions the right way. But be advised that the team at Aloha isn’t always transparent when talking with you about the pricing. You’d have to contact them yourself for details on what you’ll spend. 

A Look At the Hardware

The first thing to see in this Aloha POS review is the hardware. The platform runs on iOS and Android operating devices. You can also use the desktop version on a Windows or Android platform.

Aloha provides many hardware choices for your convenience. You can use a desktop terminal or hardware device for your needs. The mobile app can also work on whatever mobile devices you use when getting something ready for your convenience.

New Features Available

Aloha is always updating its POS system with new features. Some of the new functions you can get from Aloha include support for QR code payments, which works well when you’re collecting mobile payments. You can also produce a self-ordering kiosk with the Aloha platform, although that would require extra hardware for you to use. You can also use a tableside ordering solution with support for Poynt transactions.

What Will the Software Provide?

The Aloha software is very helpful for all the business needs you hold at your restaurant. You can take and fulfill orders through the Aloha software. You can also process payment choices of all sorts for your convenience. There’s also an employee management system here to help you with many of your transaction needs.

Aloha also provides a reporting system to help you review all the functions in your business, including what you are selling the most and making out of your project. You can compare what your reporting system states with whatever operational goals your business holds. The design provides a simple approach to work that you will appreciate using for any purpose.

Aloha also offers many other modules and systems you can use when handling your online content. Aloha has support from more than two hundred technology partners to help you with various modules for everything from online ordering to data automation. You can check around the system to see what works and how you’ll find something to your convenience for any need.

Various Features of Note

You will find some exciting features when looking at the Aloha POS for your restaurant needs. Here are some of the things you’ll find here:

  • The table-mapping option lets you review the specific seats in your restaurant and to assign workers to certain spots. You can also review orders from each of these seats as necessary.
  • You can add discount information on the POS based on things like volume orders or transactions.
  • You can link your POS to your inventory to keep tabs on which products are the most popular ones for sale.
  • The system also lets you add pictures of whatever foods you’re managing in an order. The feature is useful for when you’re posting a menu online or you want to accept online orders from your customers.

These features are convenient for the unique needs you hold. You’ll find it easy for you to make more out of whatever content you wish to manage in any situation.

What Is the Price?

If there’s one concern surrounding how the Aloha POS setup works, it’s that Aloha isn’t always transparent when discussing how much you’ll spend. NCR always keeps data surrounding the pricing secret, but you can get a personalized quote on services from them if you apply for help. You will receive a no-obligation offer for services when you contact the team for details.

The price will vary surrounding the size of your business and how much money you bring in on average. The cost will also change surrounding whatever hardware devices you want to use. While it is hard to find information on Aloha’s prices without directly contacting them and asking for details, the team will still provide direct details on what you can expect from the service if you contact the people there for help.

What Is Customer Service Like?

You’ll appreciate how well the customer service department can work for your needs. The 24-hour team will respond to your questions surrounding everything you want to manage. The team recognizes the unique needs each client has and will find personalized answers that will fit whatever needs one holds. You’ll enjoy how well the solution works when you’re finding someone who can serve your needs.

The website also provides video demos, training courses, and webinars on how to use the system. There’s also a virtual help manual on the Aloha website that will help you with many of the issues you hold. Aloha is very comprehensive in explaining to its users what they can do when fixing whatever problems they come across when using the system.

Pros and Cons


  • The customer service department provides consistent help
  • Works with many integrations
  • Supports desktop and mobile devices
  • The dashboard is easy to manage and customize to your liking


  • No real details on what it costs for services
  • Does not offer Mac OS support for desktop use
  • Some segments of the Aloha platform may be too complex


Take a look at how the Aloha POS system can work for whatever needs you hold. You will find that Aloha works well for many of the programming needs you have and that you’ll get your restaurant or other dining space up and running.

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