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How Aggregators are Using Payments Orchestration to Increase Business

Posted: May 24, 2023 | Updated: April 27, 2023

Payments orchestration promises aggregators significant opportunities to optimize their businesses, reduce costs, improve customer experiences, and increase revenues. By integrating multiple payment methods into a single workflow, payment orchestration simplifies what was previously a complicated, manual process.

Aggregators can streamline their operations through automation, cutting costs from repetitive tasks and lower headcounts. At the same time, they enhance the user journey with a seamless, unified payment experience. Customers can easily choose their preferred payment option at each stage of the funnel, boosting conversions, retention, and recommendations.

With deeper insights into user payment preferences and behaviors, aggregators also gain more opportunities to personalize their marketing and product strategies. Targeted promotions, recommendations, and messaging tailored to individual users’ payment histories can increase average order values and monthly recurring revenue.

While implementing payment orchestration may require upfront investments, the potential benefits to costs, customer experience, and revenue far outweigh the costs. Payments orchestration is a strategy that can help aggregate operators gain a competitive advantage, open up new opportunities for growth, and build more sustainable businesses in the long run. By optimizing the end-to-end payments experience, aggregators can strengthen customer loyalty, penetrate new market segments, and boost profitability. Payments orchestration is revolutionizing how aggregators conduct business and interact with customers in the digital economy.

Payments Orchestration to Reduce Costs

Payments orchestration helps aggregators streamline their payment processes and reduce costs in meaningful ways. By integrating multiple payment methods into a single workflow, aggregators can consolidate redundant infrastructure and lower costs from duplicative systems. They need fewer technical integrations and less hardware/software to support card payments, wallets, bank transfers, and other options.

Payments Orchestration to Increase Business

Payment orchestration also automates many repetitive and manual tasks, reducing the need for human effort and resulting in cost savings. Fewer staff are required for activities like batch processing payments, reconciling accounts, or responding to user queries. Automation improves accuracy too, cutting costs from errors and chargebacks.

Beyond infrastructure and labor, payment orchestration minimizes costs that stem from inefficiencies in the payment experience. When customers abandon carts or struggle with complicated payment flows, aggregators lose revenue and face higher costs of customer support or refunds. A seamless, optimized payments journey enhances conversions and retention, generating more value with fewer costs.

By streamlining internal processes, automating workflows, and improving customer experiences, payment orchestration can significantly reduce costs for digital aggregators. Cost savings may reach 20-50% or more for organizations that adopt payment orchestration at scale. These cost efficiencies, in turn, enable price decreases, investments in growth, higher profit margins, or a combination.

Payments orchestration offers a compelling solution for aggregators aiming to cut costs in a sustainable, strategic manner. When implemented rigorously, it establishes a foundation of operational efficiency and cost control to support future business success. Payments orchestration is an approach that allows aggregators to do more with far less.

Payments Orchestration to Improve the user experience

A superior payment experience is essential for aggregators to attract and retain high-value customers in today’s competitive market. Payments orchestration helps deliver this experience by providing a simple, seamless journey with multiple payment options. Customers can choose the method they prefer at each stage of the purchasing flow, whether card, wallet, account, invoice, or another option.

This flexibility and choice improve conversions by catering to customers’ preferences and minimizing abandonment. It gives customers more control and confidence in the experience, leading to higher satisfaction and loyalty. Those who pay with their preferred method are more likely to complete additional purchases, subscribe to services, provide positive reviews, and promote the aggregator to others.

faster processing speeds and real-time updates also enhance the user experience. Customers see immediate charges or balances, get prompt notifications of approvals/declines, and can resolve any issues quickly. This level of visibility and responsiveness builds trust in the platform and brand. It keeps customers informed so they feel less likely to contact support, resulting in cost savings.

A superior payments experience translates directly to business results for aggregators. In addition to higher conversions and lower support costs, it drives greater customer lifetime value through repeat sales, subscriptions, recommendations, and word-of-mouth marketing. Customer satisfaction and loyalty improve too, reducing churn and providing a competitive advantage through vibrant, growing customer bases.

Payments orchestration helps aggregators optimize the end-to-end user journey and align the payments experience with their broader brand and product strategies. By crafting an experience that exceeds customer expectations at every touchpoint, aggregators can strengthen relationships, open up new opportunities for growth, and build highly valued, long-term businesses. Delivering a world-class payments experience is how aggregators win in the market and achieve sustainable success.

Payments Orchestration to Increase Revenue

Accepting a wider range of payment methods through payment orchestration provides aggregators with more opportunities to increase revenue. By enabling more potential customers to pay in their preferred method, aggregators can reach new segments, capture more transactions and payment volume, and lift average order values.

Aggregators reach more customers by accommodating their preferred payment options, whether cards, wallets, bank transfers, invoices, or another method. This expands reach into segments that might otherwise be missed, such as those underbanked or uncardable. More customers and payment methods result in higher sales volumes, transaction counts, and total revenue.

At the same time, a better payment experience persuades existing customers to transact at higher amounts. Customers feel more comfortable proceeding with larger purchases, repeat purchases, subscriptions, or bundling additional products when their preferred payment method is accepted. Average order values and monthly recurring revenue thus increase through higher customer spending.

Payments data provides valuable insights for targeted promotions and recommendations to boost revenue. Aggregators gain a consolidated, holistic view of customers’ payment preferences, histories, geographies, and more. They can then tailor marketing messages, product suggestions, discounts, and Messaging to motivate additional spending from each customer. Personalization at scale leads to higher conversion rates, larger basket sizes, more upselling opportunities captured, and greater lifetime value.

By optimizing the payments experience, expanding their reach, and leveraging data for personalization, aggregators open up substantial opportunities to increase revenue. Streamlining multiple payment methods into a single, seamless flow allows them to capture more volume from existing customers and reach new segments that contribute to growth. At the same time, superior experiences, targeted promotions, and recommendations lift average order values and monthly recurring revenue on a per-user basis.

Payments orchestration is an approach that can significantly boost revenue and business results for digital aggregators. When implemented comprehensively, it establishes a foundation for sustainable growth and competitive advantage based on a superior customer experience and insights-driven strategies. Payments orchestration unleashes the untapped potential for innovation, expansion, and high-performance success.


In conclusion, payment orchestration provides substantial opportunities for aggregators to optimize their businesses and drive impact across key metrics. By integrating payments into a simple, seamless workflow with multiple options, aggregators reduce costs through automation and streamlining. They improve customer experiences with speed, flexibility, transparency, and personalization. And they increase revenue by reaching new segments, lifting average order values, and enabling data-driven growth strategies.

Payments orchestration cuts waste and inefficiency, boosting profitability through cost savings of 20-50% or more. It transforms the customer journey into a competitive advantage, differentiating with a superior experience that builds trust and loyalty. And it opens the door to new insights and personalized experiences that motivate customers to spend more, subscribe for the long run, and promote the brand.

While implementing payment orchestration may require investment, the potential benefits far outweigh the costs. Aggregators can gain efficiencies, enhance experiences, increase revenue, and achieve sustainable success. They establish a foundation for optimized operations,data-powered personalization at scale, and reliable growth in the years ahead. Payments orchestration also creates flexibility to adapt quickly to changes, whether in technology, regulations, market segments, or competing offerings.

For aggregators, payment orchestration is a strategy that can help future-proof the business and thrive in an increasingly competitive digital economy. It delivers impact through a superior balance of reducing costs, improving experiences, and boosting revenue. And it enables the agility needed to keep pace with innovations, remain responsive to customers, and capture new opportunities for progress.

Payments orchestration revolutionizes how aggregators operate at every level of the organization. It shapes a mindset focused on optimization, integration, personalization, and growth. And it drives the tangible results, capabilities, and competitive edge that come from executing on that mindset. Overall, payment orchestration establishes a blueprint for high performance, sustainable success, and long-term prosperity in a fast-changing industry. For aggregators, it is an approach that promises to transform businesses and fuel thriving for years to come.

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