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Crocs Forecasts “Hey Dude” Brand to Hit $1B In 2023

Posted: May 10, 2023 | Updated: April 26, 2023

With its comfortable and colorful rubber clog shoes, Crocs sales forecast for its Hey Dude brand of casual and rugged shoes will reach $1 billion in annual revenue within the year. The Hey Dude brand, targeted at younger consumers and families, launched in 2018 and has seen triple-digit growth each year through appealing, affordable, and on-trend shoe styles.

Hey Dude offers shoes starting at just $19.99 including sneakers, sandals, loafers, and boat shoes for boys, girls, toddlers, and infants. The brand’s innovative and lightweight EVA material provides protection and durability while also being stylish. Crocs has leveraged over 20 years of footwear expertise producing popular and affordable products for a range of demographics into the successful Hey Dude brand. By expanding distribution, launching new products, and pursuing international growth opportunities, Crocs aims to robustly scale the Hey Dude brand into a major revenue and profit driver. For kids and parents alike seeking value, comfort, and style, Hey Dude is poised to become an increasingly dominant force in youth footwear.

Though Crocs remains best known for its classic clogs, newer brands such as Hey Dude, Cleo by Crocs, and At Work by Crocs now represent over half of the company’s revenue. Hey Dude in particular has emerged as a bright spot fueling fast growth and helping transform Crocs into an innovative company with a versatile and contemporary product portfolio. The stunning success of Hey Dude thus far and the tremendous potential ahead validate Croc’s strategic shift into more fashion-forward and on-trend products at accessible price points.

Hey Dude Brand Success

Hey Dude offers affordable and on-trend shoe styles for boys, girls, toddlers, and infants including sneakers, sandals, loafers, and boat shoes starting at $19.99. The brand’s original and lightweight EVA material has been a hit with parents looking for durable and protective shoes for kids on the go. Hey Dude’s colorful and fun designs featuring favorite characters and trends have also resonated strongly with kids and teens.

Crocs Sales Forecast & Future Growth

revenue has grown over 300% since launching in 2018, cementing Hey Dude as one of the fastest-growing brands in youth footwear. Hey Dude fills a void in the market for inexpensive, comfortable, and fashionable shoe options for younger consumers. At price points significantly lower than most competitors, Hey Dude provides an accessible entry point for kids to explore their style through shoes.

Hey Dude’s popularity has spread largely through positive word of mouth and social media endorsements from influencers, parents, and kids themselves. The brand’s inclusive sizing, vegan and recyclable materials, and creative partnerships with media properties have further raised brand awareness and loyalty. Aiming to make a positive impact, Hey Dude also actively supports organizations focused on childhood health, hunger, and education.

Crocs sees enormous potential to take Hey Dude’s success global, launching the brand in over 20 new countries in 2021 alone. International expansion will be accelerated by Hey Dude’s timeless and versatile design aesthetic, leveraging clothing and gear beyond footwear, and identifying and building strategic partnerships in each region. While Crocs remains focused on developing innovative products, spreading brand love through stories and experiences, and delivering durability and fun at the lowest price points possible, Hey Dude is poised to make its mark across the globe.

Hey Dude has established itself as an exciting and purposeful brand with a very bright future. By scaling new heights through global reach, extended product lines, partnerships, and more, Hey Dude stands to significantly advance Crocs’ transformation and overall growth trajectory in the years ahead. The tremendous success already achieved and opportunities still untapped represent compelling proof points of Hey Dude’s potential as a billion-dollar business for Crocs.

Hey Dude Global Expansion

Crocs has already expanded the Hey Dude brand into Europe, Asia, Latin America, Australia, and New Zealand. An e-commerce website for Hey Dude will also be launched in additional countries this year. Crocs sees significant opportunities for Hey Dude’s casual and playful aesthetic globally.

Hey Dude’s growth prospects abroad match those achieved in North America due to the universal appeal of lightweight, affordable, and comfortable kids’ shoes. Economic development, larger middle classes, and increasing disposable incomes are expanding the market for youth-oriented products and lifestyle brands internationally. Hey Dude will also benefit from evolving global fashion trends emphasizing playfulness, color, and creativity, especially among younger generations.

Partnerships and local adaptations will be instrumental to Hey Dude’s global success. Crocs aims to work closely with influencers, media companies, sports leagues, and others that resonate most with target audiences in each region. Localizing product designs, communications, and Store environments to reflect regional styles and preferences will also help Hey Dude stand out as a brand passionate about inclusivity and cultural relevance. By prioritizing global expansion, Crocs believes Hey Dude can achieve similar dominance internationally as enjoyed in North America.

Challenges including competition from established players, economic uncertainty, and logistical complexities will need to be navigated carefully. However, the opportunities for growth far outweigh the risks, especially if Crocs is able to leverage its experience launching and scaling Hey Dude in North America. There are few brands as well-positioned as Hey Dude to spread joy through playful and purposeful product experiences across the world.

As Crocs continues transforming into a more innovative company, Hey Dude will play a crucial role in driving progress. By bringing Hey Dude to new markets, Crocs stands to benefit from revenue growth, diversification, and valuable insights that strengthen the brand and fuel increased success. Hey Dude’s global ambitions, backed by Crocs’ resources and expertise, point to a bright future beyond any single region or territory. Overall, the international expansion represents a pivotal moment that could dramatically accelerate Hey Dude’s ascent as a billion-dollar brand.

Crocs Sales Forecast & Future Growth

While Crocs’ classic clogs remain popular, the company’s newer and trendier brands including Hey Dude, Cleo by Crocs, and Crocs at Work are now contributing over half of total revenue and fueling fast growth. Crocs expects its total revenue to increase by 15-20% annually over the next 3-5 years led by its newer brands. By expanding Hey Dude globally, launching new product lines, and possibly additional brands, Crocs aims to eventually double its revenue to $3 billion from current levels.

Crocs has made tremendous progress diversifying its portfolio from a single classic product into a family of contemporary and versatile brands. However, the company still sees significant opportunities to scale new heights through innovation, especially by reaching younger consumers at more affordable price points. There are increasingly fewer competitors with the breadth of products, brands, and global reach as Crocs, positioning the company for continued expansion.

New product categories, either through line extensions, brand extensions, or entirely new brands, represent a key growth driver. Variations on existing styles, materials, and designs as well as moving into new categories like socks, backpacks, watches, or more could attract new customer segments and boost revenue. Launching additional lifestyle and youth-focused brands leveraging Crocs’ expertise is also a possibility. Brands that can garner similar excitement and longevity as Hey Dude stand to significantly boost Crocs’ growth profile.

In addition to new product lines, expanding distribution through company-owned stores, retail partnerships, and e-commerce will unlock further opportunities. Reaching more customers and gaining real estate in prime locations, especially in developing regions, supports accelerating growth. Licensing specific product categories or brands to strategic partners is another strategy Crocs may pursue to rapidly scale distribution and awareness.

Partnerships, especially with media and entertainment properties, also provide a path to growth. By collaborating with organizations that resonate most with target consumers, Crocs can strengthen brand connections through co-branded products, marketing activations, and storytelling. Major partnerships have the potential to launch new product lines, fuel viral marketing and reach entirely new audiences.


The Hey Dude brand’s exciting new aesthetics, the heritage of comfort and protection, and the ability to span seasons and age groups have enabled its remarkable success and expansion. While Crocs’ classic clogs built the company, its innovative newer brands are transforming it and driving future growth. If Crocs can continue leveraging its brand promise into other categories and global markets, $1 billion in annual Hey Dude sales may be just the beginning.

Hey Dude illustrates the power of adapting to evolving trends and tastes while staying true to core values. By launching contemporary and fashionable products at affordable price points, Crocs built a totally new image and identity encompassing purpose, joy, and style. Hey Dude has brought this progressive positioning to life, from design to marketing, and gained popularity through experiences as much as the shoes themselves. Crocs knows it must continue pushing creative boundaries to stay ahead of competitors and meet changing customer expectations.

Despite the brand’s significant progress, Croc’s leaders remain intent on constant innovation and problem-solving. There are always new products, partnerships, distribution expansion opportunities, and ways of fueling growth. The future success of Hey Dude and Crocs overall depends on courageous thinking, rapid experimentation, and a willingness to disrupt themselves before being disrupted. Staying relevant will demand ongoing restlessness and a growth mindset across all areas of the business.

Though ambitious goals have been set, Crocs retains a balanced and grounded perspective. Strong fundamentals around quality, comfort, value, and inclusiveness continue anchoring the brand and will ground further progress. Crocs also recognizes that real progress will come through engaging employees, partnering with communities, and building something meaningful for the world – not just magical numbers. Purpose beyond profit is key to long-term success and sustainability.

By unlocking new opportunities while strengthening existing strengths, embracing change, and staying true to itself, Crocs aims to expand Hey Dude into a $1 billion brand and fuel accelerated growth for the company overall. The journey ahead is filled with possibility, and if history serves as any indicator, the best is yet still to come for Crocs and Hey Dude. Continuous innovation, global expansion, and building a better future for all remain the North Stars guiding their progress.

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