ftc fined 3million dollar on credit karma

FTC Imposes Fine of $3M on Credit Karma for False Pre-Approvals

September 10, 2022

The FTC or Federal Trade Commission has released information that they have ordered Credit Karma (a personal finance company) a pay a fine of $3 million. This penalty has been imposed on Credit Karma as the company was telling its customers that they had been pre-approved for certain credit cards for which they were not qualified at all.

As per a recent news, the funds collected through the fine that Credit Karma has paid will be eventually given out to the customers who were led awry as they applied for the subsequent credit cards. In addition to the fine, Credit Karma was also given orders to stop advertising with these deceptive claims to their customers. These deceptive claims, according to the FTC, resulted in their customers undergoing unnecessary credit checks. 

Allegations on Credit Karma

According to the allegations put forth by FTC on Credit Karma, they are claiming Credit Karma had falsely conveyed to several customers the message that they had been pre-approved for specific credit cards. These false approvals took place between the period of February 2018 and April 2021. Due to such false claims, the consumers ended up applying for credit cards. These applications led to major inquiries on the credit reports of these consumers while damaging their overall credit scores.  

In the release, the FTC revealed the statement that Credit Karma was aware of the fact that this strategy was being used. The false ‘pre-approval’ claims made by Credit Karma delivered false certainty to the end consumers. The claims were put forth based on the results of a series of A/B testing. The results of the tests revealed to the customers that they were more likely to click on the offers stating ‘pre-approved’ instead of the ones stating that they had “excellent odds.”

Statements Put Forth by Credit Karma

Susannah Wright -the Chief Legal Officer at Credit Karma, revealed that the company will dispute the allegations put forth by the FTC. However, Credit Karma has also reached an agreement with the FTC that is aiding to help avoid disruption in the company’s business practices while aiming to maintain the overall focus of helping their customers find the financial products that are most beneficial to them. 

Further, Credit Karma put forth the argument that the allegations made by the FTC focus on the past utilization of the ‘pre-approved’ term by the company. It was, however, applicable only on a smaller number of offers without challenging the approval language of the organization since the time of April 2021.

In August 2022, the FTC went ahead with issuing over $9.7 million in the form of payments to the end consumers in another similar case that involved LendingClub. In 2018, the FTC sued LendingClub over claims that they had made false promises to the applicants that they will be receiving a specific amount of money without any hidden fees. The company ended up deducting hundreds and even thousands of dollars in the form of hidden upfront fees out loans they were offering people.  

Additionally, the FTC revealed that LendingClub had told its consumers that they had been approved for loans, however in reality, they were not approved. This kept the consumers from seeking loans from other providers. Allegedly, LendingClub also withdrew money from the accounts of customers without even asking their permission. 

FTC Sending $9.7 Million as Free Refunds to LendingClub Customers

The FTC aims at sending more than $9.7 million in the form of payments to around 61,990 customers who had been charged hidden fees by the company. 

In July 2021, LendingClub had agreed to a settlement that required them to handle all misinterpretations to the respective loan applicants. The company was expected to disclose the payments in the form of fees along with total funds that borrowers would receive. 

This is the second instance where funds have been reimbursed to customer regarding LendingClub. Another fine in 2022 had been released, which was around $17.6 million, and had been given out to customers. Customers who were affected by LendingTree have the option to accept their payment within 30 days via PayPal. Those who did not accept their payment within 30 days received a check. 

Understanding FTC Violation

According to the complaint against Credit Karma, a leading personal finance company, the organization had violated Section 5 of the FTC Act. Under the FTC Act, the Federal Trade Commission exercises its right to take relevant action against organizations that engage in deceptive and unfair practices or acts. The proposed order of the FTC against Credit Karma will require the company to:

  • Put a Stop on Deceiving Customers: The order by FTC prohibits Credit Karma from further deceiving its customers about whether they are pre-approved or approved for a proper credit offer. Moreover, Credit Karma is also expected to stop deceiving its customers regarding the likelihoods or odds that they will be approved for a specific credit offer.
  • Pay a fine of $3 Million in Consumer Redress: According to the FTC order, Credit Karma is expected to pay $3 million. Eventually, this amount will be sent to the consumers who had been negatively affected by the actions of the company.
  • Preserve Proper Records: To prevent further use of dark patterns leading to deception, the FTC orders expects Credit Karma to preserve vital records of any behavioral, market, or psychological research, along with customer, user, or usability testing -like A/B testing or multivariate testing, surveys, copy testing, interviews, focus groups, mouse or eye tracking studies, clickstream analysis, session replays, recordings, or heat maps.


The FTC continues to urge businesses and organizations to adopt a consumer-centric approach. They explain that organizations that aim at bringing people under false pretenses will arouse customer frustration while attracting new attention towards law enforcement. Due to this, advertisers should review the websites, marketing materials, and statements about their products and services through the eyes of their potential customers.

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