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Top Growth Hacking Strategies for Startups in 2022

Posted: May 1, 2022 | Updated: March 24, 2023

It does not matter what industry you are in; having the right growth hacking and marketing strategy can greatly accelerate your business plan. The key to growth hacking is documentation, and you have to track down everything that works and everything that does not work before you can settle on a game plan.  

Overall, marketing in today’s landscape is not short of challenges. With new startups emerging every day, it is integral for businesses to formulate growth and marketing strategies that tailor to their needs. The 21st century’s sudden rise in competition makes it difficult for people to compete for consumers’ attention.  

From a consumer standpoint, the marketplace in 2022 is fueled with countless choices and variety. Advertisers are present at all avenues, and indecisiveness is high. Thus, startups need to have solid growth hacking strategies to compete with the already-existing successful businesses in their sector. 

The early phases of a business are usually tough and slow. Accelerating and quickly developing into a lucrative business may sound too good to be true. However, with the right roadmap and implementation, it has been possible for many startups to get the cash rolling much more quickly. Below are some growth hacking strategies and tips for startups in 2022. 

Make Your Business Sharable 

Scalable solutions will always revolve around how well you can get people to talk about your business. Creating potential customers will ultimately come down to creating a talking point that engages the audience. This talking point or message should then revolve around different channels to audiences larger and further away from your perimeters. 

You need to set market automation procedures once you can incorporate a talking point or a compelling brand identity that grabs attention. A highly efficient growth hacking framework does not require labor-intensive work or additional human intervention.  

Having an online presence is important, but it is also critical to ensure that your content is automatically shared with all social media outlets. Furthermore, having an effective payment API can be critical for startups as it eases online business accessibility for remote buyers. 

Many online platforms offer connectivity options that help sync content. If you optimize written content to drive more traffic, backlinking strategies can be pivotal for success. It is also important to be diverse in the type of content you put out if you want to make your business sharable. 

Leverage from Video Marketing

Dividing your content between video, audio, and written material increases your odds of creating a potential customer base. However, it is important to focus the majority of your content on a video format in today’s world. Video consumption has doubled in the last four years, and about 90% or more marketers today rely heavily on video content. Moreover, studies also show that video content is critical since it draws the most engagement from the audience. 

Email List Building

This strategy can be incredible if you want to reach out to more customers and figure out your specialized consumer base. If you can form a solid list, you can potentially generate plenty of revenue. Lists should also not remain stagnant, and you should always be looking to add more prospective buyers. 

The list being talked about here is one where your email subscribers exist. Creating an email list in the earliest phases of your business will require you to tailor your landing page in a particular way. A landing page should be appealing and engaging for the audience members, invoking them to share their email accounts and join the mailing list. 

Techniques to provoke action from the audience members on your landing page require you to create a sense of urgency on the website. In most cases, they make people think that people will miss out on a great opportunity if they do not enter the mailing list. 

Provide Support Options 

Real-time chat support and customer service are things that startups can leverage when competing with bigger organizations. As organizations start to get bigger and their customer base expands, they fail to provide personalized help to consumers. This is usually because their support options are not vast enough to accommodate their increasing consumer base. 

However, since startups in the beginning phase have a limited consumer base, they can add more competitive value to their services by focusing on customer service. After you have successfully conveyed the information about your product to the consumers, provide them with information about the amazing benefits they will get after signing up with your business. 

Your customer service staff should be ready to guide the customers throughout. Incorporating a clear-cut live chat system into your business can be highly advantageous. It would help if you were also willing to provide live assistance to the customers so that they do not encounter any hurdles when trying to navigate your business model. Businesses can also integrate POS systems to enhance their customer service. 

Keep in mind that consumers will usually lose interest in a startup faster than they will lose interest in a renowned business. This is because they already enter into the business with a skeptical thought process and uncertainties since new businesses do not have enough reviews and testimonials to solidify their worth. For this reason, it is important to make the customer experience better than the rest. 

Invest in Referral Marketing 

Marketers will usually tell you how important referral marketing is since many of them have managed to produce astronomical numbers simply with the help of referral marketing. Therefore, referrals can be a very effective growth hacking strategy for promotions. Research shows that referral from a trusted person is the most effective marketing strategy. It is also important to note that enjoying the benefits of referrals will come hand in hand with good customer service. 

Final Thoughts

Contrary to popular opinion, startups at the very early stages of their career do not need to spend countless money on paid promotions. Instead, smart growth hacking tactics can be enough to get their business up and running.

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