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Restaurant Business, Payment, and Technology Trends for Summer 2022

Posted: April 27, 2022 | Updated: March 24, 2023

The restaurant industry has normally been slow when it comes to the adoption of technology and innovative solutions. The Covid-19 pandemic however sparked a change in many industries including food and beverages. It forced food and beverage outlets to look beyond traditional settings and move towards a digitized way of working. 

The Covid-19 pandemic disrupted businesses and the restaurant industry was hit hard due to lockdown restrictions. Since some restaurants only offered a brick and mortar service, they also had to close down. This disruption by the pandemic however has also encouraged many restaurant businesses to make changes to how they operate so that they can accommodate the world of today. 

Hybrid Situation for Restaurants to Stay in 2022 

There is a permanent change emerging in consumer behavior, which will continue to shape the restaurant business and trends throughout the summer this year. The longevity of the hybrid work situation was underestimated. 

Remote and hybrid work situations are causing people to stay at home more often, and this is leading to a change in consumption patterns due to which many people now prefer eating at home and not inside restaurants. 

 The shorter term valuable comes from the cost. The cost of eating at home versus the cost of eating at a restaurant now significantly varies. People have now initially seen the cost of eating away from home spike. The value equation between eating at home and eating at a restaurant will also be something important to consider over the next year or two. Overall, the digitally transformative hybrid situation is here to stay and restaurants need to look at this from multiple aspects 

Online Ordering, Delivery Applications, and Contactless Payments 

As restaurants remain a victim to restrictions and closures in the post pandemic world, online deliveries and orders have been pivotal for their survival. This is why online ordering and payment platforms are now become a necessity for restaurants that want to flourish.  Another trend that has manifesting out of the newfound sanitary requirement is contactless payment, and this will likely continue for summer 2022. 

Contactless technologies are set to go mainstream. They are also not only about placing online order, but also being able to pay through a variety of different means. For instance, Restaurants are now opening their payment process to accommodate accessibility in payment. This allows users to pay with their smart watch, application, touchless devices and more. 

These payment technologies are gradually gaining momentum in the industry, however, the trend seems to accelerate even more after the pandemic. Due to its convenience and ease, people have now become accustomed to this type of payment method. 2022 is the year in which restaurants will be willing to integrate contactless payment methods simply because of the people’s preference. 

Online Table Reservations 

Booking a table with the help of a phone call is now becoming outdated. As online table reservation technology becomes more significant, restaurants are now able to manage table bookings more efficiently. Using technology and automated reservation systems, restaurants can help sort out the tables according to each customer’s preferences, loyalty and more.  

Kitchen Display Systems (KDS) 

Kitchen display systems are an alternative to printed tickets. They digitize the menu board for staff members, and they are essential for restaurants to streamline their backend operations. They also directly connect to the point of sale system. 

These systems do not only display orders automatically according to priority, it also monitors inventory for out of stick products, and tracks down delivery times. Overall, this technological advancement of the restaurant industry also paves the way for a better communication and transparency between kitchen staff and restaurant members.  

Automated Inventory Management 

Automation has been the name of the game in 2022. Technologies of today require minimal human intervention and businesses are utilizing these types of advancements, and leveraging from them to grow as a successful business. 

Automating inventory allows restaurants to keep track of their food items and beverages. It also means that they can make the order scheduling process much more streamlined and smooth. More importantly, the implementation of this type of software during your process will help you get rid of food wastage.  

QR Codes 

QR codes are slowly becoming a quintessential aspect of a modern restaurant. In 2020, the trend for QR code technology is set to expand and move over different implications. It is most commonly used to open a display menu for individuals. In this contactless era, auto scanning barcodes will be found on doors, tables and posters. 

Scanning this code will allow customers to open the menus, order food, and pay without contact. This helps keep the customers and employees safe. This technology also helps restaurants offer convenient benefits and discounts to the customers. Overall, this restaurant technology will be a must in 2021 due to countless benefits it provides restaurants

Air Purification Technology

As people return to restaurants, you need to realize that they are still hesitant to be at an indoor space and also in close proximity to other people. This means that it is critical for restaurants to make the diners feel safe in their indoor setting. 

To do this, integrating a highly specialized sanitation system can increase the overall appeal of your restaurant. Moreover, restaurants can also implement various air purification strategies that help promote clean air.  

Sanitation and air purification has now become an integral task for restaurants around the world. Technology presents unique solutions for restaurants to take advantage of the emerging trends and stay ahead of the curve. Overall, technologies that perpetuate a sense of cleanliness will make customers feel safe and they will eventually prioritize the restaurant in which they are more comfortable to dine. 

Final Thoughts 

Restaurant owners need to integrate technology to their business operations if they want it to flourish in 2022. It will not only make the restaurant more appealing and safe in the eyes of the consumer, but also help them manage the restaurant more efficiently.

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