blockchain Has Launched Asset Management Service and Reveals DeFi Product Plans

April 20, 2022 – a crypto technology company known for raising the series D funding, has come up with its asset management service and brand known as BCAM. Initially, the company had been successful in raising an all-new round of funding. It has eventually valued its company at $14billion. 

The all-new service BCAM will be catering to institutional investors, high net worth individuals, and family offices. The asset management service by has been presented in partnership with Altis Partners. It is a leading investment firm that helps with the management of futures portfolios. As continues powering BCAM, Altis helps in providing investment management services.

An Insight into BCAM

BCAM by has come up with the dedicated strategy of tracking the price of Bitcoin against the dollar. Another leading strategy that the solution leverages for ensuring asset management is focusing on the reduction of volatility in connection with the investment of Bitcoin. It is achieved by providing “algorithm-based risk-managed exposure” into the existing currency. 

BCAM is also committed to launching another product for managing exposure into decentralized finance coins. It will be linked to applications that allow people to lend, trade, and borrow without any intermediary. It was revealed by Charlie McGarraugh -the Chief Strategy Officer at the organization. has now doubled down on the overall institutional business by launching its all-new service BCAM. McGarraugh added that like everything else, you will not know it all unless you try crypto. However, just like everything with crypto, it is assumed that the company is rising to new heights. It is indeed a big opportunity. 

Recently, had purchased the over-the-counter trading & execution business of Altonomy in March. Since then, the company has managed to garner a number of institutional clients. The company boasts around $8 billion in loan originations along with $15 billion in lifetime trading volume linked to the respective institutions. and Its Rising Popularity

Recently, has also been successful in raising a total round funding. This funding has catapulted the company into the ranks of the most valuable companies of the crypto industry. The funding has been forwarded by Lightspeed Venture Partners. It features a significant participation from the side of Baillie Gifford & Co. 

The firm was founded in 2011. It is guided forward by Peer Smith -the Chief Executive Officer. Currently, the company boasts the presence of around 37 million verified users along with 82 million wallets that have been created and over $1 trillion transactions made.

BCAM Targeting Affluent Customers

Launched recently, the all-new service will be responsible for serving high-net worth customers, family offices, and institutional investors. 

The crypto firm with its headquarters in London is known to offer access to a wide range of services. It includes custody and trading. The leading asset management solution by aims at working on different strategies, including:

  • Tracking the price of Bitcoin against the US Dollar
  • Offering Bitcoin Smart Beta -risk-managed exposure based on algorithms, for reducing volatility during investments in Bitcoin

In addition to this, BCAM will also go ahead with launching a product for managing exposure to DeFi (Decentralized Finance) coins like Decentraland (MANA), Aave, Uniswap, and so more. 

Institutional Demand for Increase in Active Crypto Fund

With the ever-increasing institutional demand for active and managed digital asset investments, BCAM aims at combining the conventional financial markets with the all-new world of crypto for meeting the increasing demands.

Recently, Abra – a wealth management platform focused on crypto, has launched its asset management component – Abra Capital Management. The service enables clients to assess around 5 actively managed funds with ample exposure to multiple digital assets -including Tether (a stablecoin) and Ethereum. Plans at Attracting Crypto Whales for Seeking Bitcoin Millionaires is much more than an exchange platform. At the start of 2022, the first exchange had hosted Walmart Manager -Tom Horton in the band. The financial services and cryptocurrency exchange company is experiencing a boom.

The digital wallet and cryptocurrency exchange company has handled almost a third of the network transactions for Bitcoin since the time of 2012. Moreover, the bulk of all transactions is being processed with the help of wallets of has occurred over the period of last 2 years. These numbers are not reflected in what is being sold and bought on our exchange, but instead on the real utilization of crypto. It helps in instantly sending immense value around the world as quickly as sending the email. The milestone serves to be a great message that the crypto industry is not just for going on the exchange and buying & selling. The experts believe that crypto will help in driving a digital financial system. 

About is a dedicated platform offering a way to purchase, hold, and utilize cryptocurrency. It helps in creating a financial system for the internet for empowering anyone in the world to control the overall money. More than 50 million customers have signed up for using the platform of It is a quick and easy way to purchase bitcoin while trading crypto, sending, receiving, securing, and borrowing digital currencies. 

The explorer is regarded as one of the most trafficked websites across the globe to analyze what is happening in the crypto markets. The exchange helps in supporting a faster trading experience.

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