walmart will partnering with health pioneering ai company

Walmart Helps Support Healthcare Personalization Technology

February 14, 2022

Walmart will be partnering with Health at Scale –a pioneering Artificial Intelligence (AI) company for connecting the employees of Walmart with respective providers that best suit their specific health needs and healthcare history. 

The platform of Health at Scale makes use of AI and Machine Learning to offer patients personalized recommendations for providers. It is achieved by modeling which provider will be offering better outcomes on the basis of the individual health characteristics of the patients.

The tools will be made available to the associates of Walmart along with their families that are enrolled in the dedicated health plan of the company at select locations. 

Bringing About a Revolution Through Personalization

Lisa Woods, Vice President of Walmart Benefit Division US, explains that personalizing the treatments and services to individual needs is the next major step in the healthcare sector. It also serves to be a major part of Walmart and its commitment towards helping associates and their respective family members come across such amazing doctors who are responsible for delivering top-quality care and the best value in the community. 

She added that the company is excited to unfold this collaboration with Health at Scale and the company is eager to witness the impact that other innovative benefits like this will depict on the associates along with their healthcare outcomes and experiences. 

The technology will be integrating with the search engine of the health plan administrator of Walmart and its virtual care referrals. The platform makes use of Machine Intelligence for identifying providers who have successfully treated patients with similar characteristics as well as care needs. The platform also leverages relevant patient health data by determining which patients are at a higher risk of adverse effects and recommending particular providers to the patients when they need it most. 

Zeeshan Sayed, CEO at Health at Scale, explains that coming across the right provider is one of the most crucial health-specific decisions a patient is required to make. It is also one of the most challenging. As patients analyze the providers who are in isolation, they might ignore that the given provider can be either a bad or a good match for subsequent patients. The aspect that is really needed to be optimized is the match of patient and provider. 

He added that Health at Scale is excited to work in collaboration with Walmart, its associates, and their families in specific locations with the help of smart and hyper-personalized provider matches for reflecting a deeper understanding as well as respect for the personalized health needs. 

Dependence of the Healthcare Industry on AI

The healthcare industry and leading organizations are increasingly relying on AI-based solutions and tools along with other revolutionary technologies for offering personalized healthcare experiences to the patients.

George Van Antwerp, Managing Director at Deloitte, in a statement told Fierce Healthcare that personalizing the consumer experience in the healthcare sector is going to be vital for developing relevant patient trust amongst the biggest players of the healthcare industry. 

He added that it is about understanding the end consumers and being able to deliver a personalized group of experiences while blending the Omni-channel strategy. Based on the location, the particular disease, the overall benefit coverage, and the existing dynamics of the patients, the solutions can help in determining the best path for the patients towards choosing the best way to support maximum healthcare. 

Walmart and Its Efforts Towards Improving Patient Base

Walmart continues improving its patient base since the time the retail giant has stepped into the healthcare sector in 2019. In the modern era, the retail giant continues offering a new range of dedicated services in telehealth, primary care, discounted pharmaceuticals, and so on. 

As a matter of fact, the largest competitive advantage of the chain is its widespread national presence. It is known to operate across over 5,000 locations in the United States of America. 

Marcus Osborne, Former Senior Vice President, Walmart Health, recently spoke at the HLTH 2021 Conference. In the conference, he said that the business will continue building out its Omni-channel care services that aim at addressing individual needs of the end consumers. 

He added that he comes across information about how Americans simply do not engage in their overall health. He often thinks that it is not any challenge of the individual. If people will not be engaging, you have not created the solution for allowing them to engage. They simply do not wish to engage.

Healthcare Providers to Make Use of Deep Data for Delivering Improved Patient Outcomes

The healthcare business currently is not that well. The aftermath of the global pandemic on the overall practices, respective issues related to uncollected medical debt, varying modes of care, and the ever-changing patient expectations are making primary stakeholders worried. 

Digital transformation is going to serve as the ultimate cure. From offering improved patient experiences at the dedicated point of care to bringing about RPA (Robotic Process Automation) and other technology for bearing behind the scenes, digital transformation is going to serve as the remedy that is required by the healthcare industry. 

Payments that are integrated into the digital front door of the providers serve to be a highly valuable long-term solution for the healthcare industry because now it is possible to take the payments while registering the clients and processing the revenue cycles – all in a single digital experience. 

Data remains critical to the process. It offers capabilities that expand the respective frontiers for healthcare providers. As an increasing amount of granular data becomes accessible and available, you will observe messaging around the concept of digital front-door personalization and precise medicine. It is personalization that will be impacting us the most. To achieve the same, access to relevant data is required. The healthcare sector is going to be a data-driven industry. Through the right use of automation, it is possible to create the right type of experience that is highly convenient.

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