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Together with Blue Yonder, Bamboo Rose is Working on a Consumer-focused Product Strategy.

January 6, 2022

Bamboo Rose –a multi-enterprise supply chain and product-based platform, has announced that it will be featured within the Customer Innovation Network in Milan by Accenture –one of the leading professional service firms in the world. In addition to this, the business also unveiled its plans of partnering with Blue Yonder –a popular digital supply chain and Omni-channel commerce platform.

The partnership is aimed at helping retailers in combining innovation, ensuring demand planning, supply chain operations, and maximizing product development. The partnership also focuses on streamlining supply chain operations for obtaining more profits while guiding the consumer-centric product assortment strategy.

Role of the Partnership

The partnership between Bamboo Rose and Blue Yonder will be leveraging the PLM or Product Lifecycle Management Sourcing capability of Bamboo Rose and PO (Purchase Order) management solutions along with the supply chain planning & management capabilities of Blue Yonder. As a result, it will reduce the overall costs, deepen supplier relations, synergize operations, and accelerate time to market.

Client organizations harnessing the partnership will equip the respective design and merchandising teams with actionable insights. It will be based on the combination of conservative development of real-time sales data and historical data for supporting consumer-centric, agile product strategy. The partnership will also enable retail clients to develop deeper transparency with the respective vendor community by revealing planning data to the suppliers beforehand. Finally, it will help drive optimized start dates on good production runs.

Alignment of Product Development with the Partnership

 The alignment of product development, assortment planning, and sourcing across different business processes and systems will help expedite feedback on in-depth merchant interest between the retailers and subsequent partners. It will also assist in reducing the overall costs linked with the development and streamlining process of product innovation.

Sonia Hernandez -Vice President, Retail Planning, Blue Yonder, explains that as the company welcomes Bamboo Rose in partnership, it looks forward to collaboratively offering support to the retail customer base. This is because the partnership will be committed to bringing profitable products to market, aligning with the ongoing consumer trends. The partnership will also enable synergies across different stages of product development, planning, supply chain processes, and manufacturing.

Andrea Imsdahl –Global Alliances Executive, Bamboo Rose, explains further that it is increasingly important than ever before that retailers continue leveraging accurate insights and meaningful data to inform product development and sourcing decisions. This is due to the ever-changing consumer demands, fluctuations in shipping costs, and the overall factor capacity. Andrea further stated that the partnership with Blue Yonder would enable retailers to achieve an all-new level of supply chain and product development agility when there is a need for it. In addition, this accelerates the mission to aid retailers in ensuring product differentiation based on the costs, time, and market trends.

Bamboo Rose’s Showcasing in Customer Innovation Network by Accenture

 As a part of the collaboration, Bamboo Rose put forth a demonstration for supporting consultants at Accenture to show CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods) and retail food clients how they can innovate sourcing and product development processes and supply chain mechanisms. It would ultimately help in differentiating across competitive consumer markets.

In 2017, Accenture unleashed its Consumer Innovation Center in Milan, Italy. It is regarded as one of the largest innovation hubs by the company for professional fashion, retail, and consumer goods communities. The Innovation Center at Milan, in addition to other sibling facilities in Singapore and Chicago, makes up the broader innovation network of the company. It is an incubator initiative committed to creating state-of-the-art, groundbreaking solutions for clients that look forward to breaking through the disruption of modern corporate environments.

Accenture chose Bamboo Rose and its multi-enterprise platform as the superior technology for implementing best practices around the concept of supplier collaboration, private brand innovation, compliances, traceability, and consumer meetings as the need arises in the post-pandemic era. The collaboration demonstrates how brands, suppliers, and retailers will be capable of streamlining and accelerating product design & delivery through a robust partnership with the entire business community.

Maria Mazzone –Lead at Accenture Customer Innovation Network, Milan, stated that the Customer Innovation Network in Milan is focused on delivering optimum client value through collaboration and in-depth learning. As such, collaborating with Bamboo Rose will help the company provide clients with the possibility of learning further comprehensive business value as driven by the approach of supply chain and enterprise product development.

Sue Welch –CEO, of Bamboo Rose, states that the company has long admired the overall expertise and transition that Accenture is capable of delivering for its clients. The company is also impressed with how the firm is combining hands-on learning and industry expertise in different innovation hubs. Bamboo Rose remains delighted to showcase the Milan Innovation Hub by Accenture. It also takes pride in the fact that the Bamboo Rose Multi-enterprise Platform will be utilized as the enabler of sourcing, product development, and supply chain innovation for clients of Accenture in the CPG and food retail markets.

About Bamboo Rose

Bamboo Rose is a leading multi-enterprise supply chain and product platform. The company is dedicated to connecting the entire retail community and is also committed to bringing innovative products into the market more efficiently and faster, along with improved margins. The platform features an array of patented supply chain solutions –including Product Lifecycle Management, Bamboo Rose Marketplace, Global Trade Management, Purchase Order Management, Sourcing, Financing, and much more. Each of the solutions is supported by highly intelligent engines for ensuring optimization, scheduling, and costing across the entire platform.

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