alibaba debuts nft art metaverse

Alibaba Debuts NFT Art Metaverse for China’s Singles Day

November 16, 2021

China’s Single Day allows people an opportunity to celebrate their single and happy life with shopping. Celebrated on 11th November, it is a perfect occasion for all the singles looking to buy some exclusive items. The event is back this year with an exciting range of products available for the singles. In 2020, the Chinese eCommerce industry earned $74 billion through the event. Once again, it is expected to generate billions.

According to a report by RADII, Alibaba launched “metaverse” for this year’s Single’s Day event. The report suggests that this feature is rolled out before Single’s Day as this eCommerce giant is trying its best to keep up-to-date with the latest technological advancements. The country is growing rapidly, and Alibaba has participated in this growth by launching Metaverse Art Exhibition, an online platform designed to help people interact on a virtual level. Earlier, Alibaba had shared a couple of pictures of its digital employee named “AYAYI”. People are predicting that it was the company’s step to encourage the new Art Metaverse launch. This digital employee is supposed to take the role of a guide, giving a warm welcome to people participating in the Alibaba Metaverse.

The Alibaba’s Metaverse Art Exhibition

Those visiting Alibaba’s Metaverse Art Exhibition will get a golden opportunity to explore the finest artwork by popular brands, including but not limited to, Alienware and Burberry. Using the last year’s learnings, as well as, the non-fungible trend (NFT) coupled with the live streaming services, the company is all set to break another success record this year. The specialty of the Metaverse app is that it has encrypted assets, which means if someone owns an artwork or something valuable in Metaverse, it is protected with blockchain. 

This is done to ensure protection for the sellers and avoid copyright issues. Although it could prove to be the most positive news for vendors and customers, the concept has attracted skepticism. Facebook has also released a similar kind of feature, called the metaverse. Zhihu, the Chinese question and answer website, has received mixed reviews where some commentators have up-voted this new feature, while the rest of them do not appreciate Metaverse. It is believed that metaverse is expected to create a space where one could buy and sell products in peace while consuming fewer resources. Facebook has been focusing on its Metaverse strategy while rebranding its name to “meta”.

Tmall to be a Part of Metaverse

This art exhibition is going to be launched by Tmall in its official mobile app. As mentioned above, the exhibition will be conducted and run by Ayayi, who will play the human virtual idol. This unique avatar is designed and developed by Ranmai Technology. It might be a digitized bot, but this interesting avatar looks similar to a human. 

Consumers and brands in China have shown great interest in engaging with virtual bots ever since the technology started. Ayayi, despite being new to the industry, has already garnered the attention of more than 114,000 people in no time. Not only consumers but many luxury brands have also shown interest in this digital avatar, with Guerlain being one of those. 

Burberry to Participate in the Single’s Day Exhibition

This exhibition is all about the collection of eight products by many popular brands, one of which is Burberry. Despite being an exhibition of only limited products, the collection is offered at affordable prices so that there is no entry barrier.

Burberry is a pioneer and one of the reputable names in the digital innovation field. So, it goes without saying that it is part of this Single Day’s exhibition. Earlier, the company collaborated with Mythical Games to launch a Sharky B avatar dressed in the company’s monogram print. The surprising part is the brand had put 750 units of the characters for sale. The collection was sold out within 30 seconds. 

For this art exhibition, Burberry is all set to introduce the deer mascot that will be flaunting the Burberry scarf. In the Single’s Day exhibition, the company will launch a thousand pieces of deer NFT. The limited-edition scarf is priced at $454. This exclusive piece of artwork can be used as wallpaper and emoji. Most importantly, the customers will be entitled to get the scarf physically.

Bottom Line

The Metaverse Art Exhibition is all set to bring many limited-edition products for customers. People can’t wait to be part of this China’s biggest exhibition and explore a vast range of products from luxury brands. The virtual bot will welcome each visitor and guide them through the exhibition, which is going to be an exciting experience for all customers.

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