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Trends in Mobile Credit Card Processing for Fall 2021 and 2022

Posted: October 15, 2021 | Updated: December 6, 2022

Over the last 12 months, almost every retailer felt the need to shift from the in-store traditional payment methods to the new-age digital methods. Businesses have also understood that this shift has a vast scope – it is not just a momentary reaction to the prevailing coronavirus pandemic, but a long-term trend. IBM’s U.S Retail Index study revealed that the transition to digital payment was speedy due to the pandemic, which otherwise would have taken five years. E-commerce purchases are predicted to grow by 20% this year. 

Even in these uncertain economic times, retailers can be confident that online and hybrid shopping will continue to grow. Today, the customers have become more aware and want more flexibility and security in mobile solutions from these brands. And therefore, brands cannot just sit quietly. 

We know that even if the pandemic ends, the e-commerce growth and related customer needs are here to stay. For businesses to keep up with the competition, they must shift to modern payment methods. This article will discuss six trends in mobile credit card processing for fall 2021 and 2022 that will make their way into the future.

#1 E-Wallets

With the increasing number of smartphones, e-wallets have become the most convenient mode of payment for consumers. A mobile wallet syncs your bank accounts and credit cards and turns your smartphone into a contactless payment device. According to some statistics, the global estimate of smartphone users in 2021 was 3.8 billion, compared to 2.6 billion in 2016. A smartphone has become a necessity as it gives you apps for every need from banking to driving, social to nutrition tracking related to all aspects of your life. 

55% of Americans use their smartphones when shopping, all due to the increasing use of e-wallets like Google Pay and Amazon Pay. With mobile wallets becoming popular and the growing use of peer-to-peer transfers, the security of these apps has also increased. E-wallets are going to change the way how we pay now. It is one of the most significant trends in mobile credit card processing that cannot go unnoticed. 

#2 Social Shopping

A retailer’s most remarkable ability is being able to use personal relationships to his advantage and engage their customers in their business. More than 78% of customers trust the recommendation of their friends and family for shopping, so brands can count on social media sharing and engagement as a better proof of purchase than a direct message to the consumer.

Retailers can hire social media influencers for promotion and make use of social media tools to get to know their customers better. They can further promote positive reviews, give better customer service and sell directly on the platform where their customers spend substantial time. 

#3 Contactless Payments

During the pandemic time and earlier, we would hesitate to touch cash as we did not know how many hands the bill was exposed to. With credit cards, handing them over to the cashier for a swipe and typing your card pin is avoided to minimize the touch. Things have changed much over the past months, and Mastercard’s survey suggests the same. The survey says that more than 51% of people use cashless payment in some form. Contactless payments are now more secure than the traditional swipe method with scanning technology to complete the transactions. All this is possible because of the encrypted microchips and mobile apps.

#4 Mobile POS Devices

As more and more consumers use contactless payments, retailers align their shopping experience with POS technology. With the help of mobile POS, retailers can accept payments anywhere as these are wireless devices and not connected to checkout locations. This gives even the smallest brick and mortar storse the flexibility to offer customers multiple checkout locations. With various payment solutions, customers can safely pay in line with social distancing norms. More than 73% of customers want more checkout options with advanced technology. Having said this, mobile point-of-sale devices are fast becoming a necessity for retailers large and small.

#5 Biometric Authentication

If someone had talked about authenticating a process using biometrics five years ago, it would seem like a scene from a futuristic movie. Now this process is everywhere and most of use this technology daily to unlock our phones. Biometric authentication consists of fingerprints, face, and voice recognition that we use today to unlock e-wallets. Biometric authentication gives more security as it is unique to each customer, and due to this trust, the technology attracted huge investments. According to a study by Mobile Payment Authentication & Data Security, by the year 2024, the use of biometric authentication is expected to grow more than 1000%, with a transaction value of more than $2.5 trillion. By the end of 2019, transactions valued at $228 billion were already authenticated by biometric technology.

#6 Flexible Payments

With consumers demanding more convenience and security while using mobile wallets for payments, the pandemic has also forced them to maintain and stick to a budget. Retailers now offer options like installments or Buy Now Pay Later to their customers. With enhanced security, convenience, and accountable spending, consumers have accepted these offers enthusiastically. Consumers get maximum flexibility with the zero-interest installment schemes which the retailers offer at the point of sale. It helps the customers to make large purchases easily without worrying about the having the full payment up front. The popularity of e-commerce and online shopping is growing drastically. The mobile payment strategy of the retailer will play a significant role in the purchase pattern of their customers. This strategy is almost 80% responsible for the rise or fall in sales. If the customer is getting complete flexibility in payments, multiple payment choices, and a streamlined checkout process, nothing can stop him from completing the decisive step of the final purchase. 


As the digital world is changing fast, all kinds of e-commerce stores and other retailers need to adapt to the latest payment trends as soon as possible. With contactless payments and e-wallets offering complete convenience to consumers, they are becoming popular at an unimaginable speed. If your customers get absolute security along with seamless checkout, they will keep coming back to shop at your store. Therefore it is important for all fintech companies to keep a watch on. One thing is certain – that even if the pandemic ends, the e-commerce growth and the related customer needs are here to stay. For businesses to keep in the competition, they must shift to modern payment methods.

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