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Don’t Forget the Post-Purchase Experience for eCommerce Merchants

September 6, 2021

Have you ever bought something nice and haven’t heard from the store again? That is not supposed to happen; usually, stores try to follow their customer purchases with some message. This allows them to maintain specific contact and, in the future. So, when the customer is looking to buy again, they will consider buying from the same store instead of buying somewhere else.

Most people, after a purchase, are highly interested in the post-purchase experience. For others, it is not a big deal. However, the seller should always leave a good impression. Many customers buy from the same store and do not change because of the post-purchase treatment. Also, attracting a new customer to your eCommerce business is more expensive than retaining an existing one. Indeed, to attract a new customer, you will have to make a bigger effort, so be smart and keep the ones you have; they are the ones that will generate a positive balance at the end of the day.

Strategies for a Better Post Purchase Experience

There are some things that you can do to make the customer enjoy more of their post-purchase experience. Some are more obvious than others, but at the end of the day, they all have the same objective: to generate more revenue by selling more to the same people. 

As said before, marketers use many strategies to make the customer return to the store because of the post-purchase experience. 

The first strategy is related to the delivery, how the customer is going to receive the product. Personalization is one of the essential features a customer is looking for in a product. So being able to customize the delivery of the product is essential for the customer. You need to be able to know your customer and learn to think like them. Then, you will understand what is on their mind and what they want. 

Nowadays, online reviews are the ones dictating if your product is good or not. Many good products never got to where they should have because the online reviews were terrible. So, creating an online base for your customers to talk and discuss could be a huge help, like a forum. Here, you would be able to connect with your customers and do some Q&As for them. 

Ideas for Customer Engagement 

You can do many things to make an excellent post-purchase experience; however, engaging your customer with your brand might be the best. 

Many stores will thank you after buying from them and nothing else. They might seem “cute” or “nice,” but they are not engaging at all. There are some examples of stores that will give you some discount for your next purchase. Giving people a reason to go back to the store page is what the company is looking for. Many stores will send you a follow-up mail offering you a big discount or giving you a coupon. 

Here are some ideas of how to maintain contact with your customer and retain them as interested buyers:

First, inviting them to download the store’s app is a great idea. For example, Disney will offer an invitation to download their app. To this, you can add a loyalty membership and offer some deals. Also, you can use the follow-up emails to engage them as well. Once the customer bought the product, they will be alert to any emails they received from the store. 

That is why you can use those emails to engage them. Also, in these emails, you can assure your customer that they made the right choice and keep them excited about their purchase. If you achieve it, it is more than probable that the customer will revisit your store; and you never know… maybe they end up buying something else. 

Another strategy you can use is to recommend other similar products to what the customer bought. For example, if the customer bought a pillow for the bed, maybe show them sheets or some other pillows, always trying to get the customer interested in your site. 

Loyalty programs

As I mentioned before, loyalty programs are an excellent way for customers to feel more attracted to the company and keep them “on the hook.” In this section, we will go in-depth with this strategy. Loyalty programs also accelerate the engagement to the store. And, they set the environment for a better post-purchase experience. 

Loyalty programs are made for recurrent customers. If they get into this program, they usually receive special offers, coupons, free shipping, and all sorts of benefits. What is great about these programs is that they will probably continue buying from your store once the customer is in. 


It is very common for stores to forget about the importance of the post-purchase experience, but as you now know, it might be crucial for the customer to go back to the store. Imagine a customer who bought the same or a very similar product from two different stores, and one of them offered him a great post-purchase experience. 

The next time, he will probably choose the one with the better experience. Why? Because the post-purchase experience makes the customer feel cared for and essential to the company. 

To sum up, companies should focus on having an excellent post-purchase experience. With many stores being online, where the customer does not interact with employees, it is vital to make them feel good and safe. Remember, an existing customer is cheaper to keep compared to a new customer. After checking out and purchasing anything, follow-up contact is essential, especially if it is an expensive or unique item.

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