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Best Accounting Apps for Small Businesses

August 3, 2021

With such a wide range of applications to choose from, choosing the right ones can be overwhelming and difficult, especially when finding the best accounting tool for your business. Bookkeeping is an integral part of your business to help remain profitable. Fortunately, apps always make it easy to keep track and organize your data. Here is a list of the eight best accounting apps for your business.  

You can use a mobile accounting app to keep track of your business funds no matter how far you are from the office. So if you want to do bookkeeping on the go, we recommend checking out these providers.  The QuickBooks Online program is our top choice, but you’ll find plenty of other things to love about that we have reviewed here. 

  1. QuickBooks Online – Best Overall

The QuickBooks program performs everything your QuickBooks Online account does. That’s quite a bit of work, since many companies’ applications don’t consider the weight of their desktop versions. The following: 

  • Get 50+ popular, easy-to-read financial reports and send them to other parties.
  • Send invoices with receipts attached through SMS, email or messaging app, with the added security of an encrypted link. 
  • Automatic expense tracking. 
  • Use GPS to track mileage. 
  • Create, accept, and sign offers for customers even when you are away from the office.
  • Accept payments through your preferred payment gateway
  • Transfer payments to your bank automatically. 
  1. FreshBooks Our Second Choice

FreshBooks is an easy-to-use accounting software solution that simplifies the accounting process for your company. With features such as time tracking and account and cost tracking, you can easily control your costs.
Are you a Freelancer who needs to monitor project time, juggle costs, and send exact invoices to clients on the go? We cannot recommend the cloud-based accounting software FreshBooks enough for situations where you need this help the most. For $15 a month, FreshBooks allows customizable invoices without limitations. You can bill your customers the proper amount for each job using the platform’s time tracking capabilities to accurately record data.

FreshBooks also includes estimates that you can compile in the app to convert the customer approval and then to start billing after the project has been completed into an invoice. The app works well for Apple users as it does for Google users, and while it has fewer users than QuickBooks, it does very well for both platforms. 

Plus, the FreshBooks customer service team is very active on both review sites. If you have a problem, a customer service representative will usually handle your complaint in a matter of hours. The rep will pass on the request to a developer who will offer direct help for your needs. 

Other Apps of Value

  1. GoSimpleBooks 

With GoSimpleBooks, you can concentrate on the most important aspects of your business so that you don’t waste time on tasks that take a while. With simple and automatic interface capabilities, GoSimpleBooks does a lot for small business accounts easier for accountants who manage the finances of small businesses and sole proprietorships.

  1. Sage One 

Sage One performs and automates basic technical accounting chores to save you time. This application lets you create and send invoices from your phone, keep track of expenses, and see your entire business at a glance on your dashboard. 

  1. Sellsy Invoicing 

Sellsy Invoicing is a great app for small business owners and freelancers. It helps you send invoices, manage your products and services, and send payment reminders. It also has contact features that let you chat with the rest of your team, submit tasks, and keep a schedule. 

  1. Nutcache

This accounting app is inexpensive and ideal for small businesses. In addition to the expected accounting functions, Nutcache integrates with your favorite tools and even helps with project budgeting to avoid excess costs. It also offers billing, time tracking, and multilingual support.

  1. FreeAgent

FreeAgent helps you create invoices for customers and manage your expenses and bank accounts. This cloud-based accounting software ensures you don’t have to worry about lost information. It also offers automated bank feeds, time reports, and multi-currency billing to help small businesses with their accounting needs. 

FreeAgent has all of the basics of a good accounting software program, including receipt capture, billing, and on-site billing. It also has some key advantages. For one, it lists your upcoming tax dates so you can plan for them. It also has a timing function that allows you to keep track of meetings and manage mileage. 

Since FreeAgent is a UK-based company, all of its support team works in the UK. But that doesn’t stop the agents from getting in touch with you: The support team for the FreeAgent app answers virtually all comments (positive and negative) from both the App Store and the Google Play Store, thanking users and actively asks users to participate. 

  1. Hiveage: Best for Payments 

We know the Hiveage app has low user traffic, but given the company is only five years old (one of the youngest on our list), that’s to be expected. And if you need a quick and fitting way to top up, we highly suggest Hiveage to consumers. 

The software and app support more than twelve payment gateways, including Square and PayPal, plus more specific options like 2Checkout. Hiveage’s plans also allow you to make offline payments, and plans come with customers, invoices and cost estimates. The Hiveage app does everything the software does, which is excellent if you need the same functions on the go as you would on the desktop. And if you love the word unlimited but not the monthly fee, Hiveage’s new free plan only limits your monthly billable customers. Otherwise, you get unlimited billing, expense tracking, time tracking, estimates, and the free app.

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