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4 Reasons To Use Tokenization

Posted: July 1, 2021 | Updated: July 1, 2021

Tokenization is a unique practice that keeps the data you process safe. It replaces account numbers and other private bits of data with random numbers. The numbers combine to form a token that handles the data you collect.

The personal data inside a token will stay in a separate token vault. The vault includes the actual data relating to what is on a token. Any fraudster who tries to capture a token will find it useless, as the token does not include any viable data. All the details necessary for a transaction will enter a separate token vault that the fraudster cannot access.

Tokenization works for all sensitive pieces of info you wish to process. It works with credit card data, account names and numbers, passwords, files, and anything else you might transfer or use in your space.

Tokenization is a standard worth exploring when accessing and handling your data. Here are four useful reasons for why you should use tokenization for your work needs.

  1. Tokenization is more secure than encryption.

The process is different from encryption, as a token does not have a mathematical relationship with the original account. Encryption entails using a key that can decode the data in a set. But the key has some mathematical link to the data it will unlock.

A token will include random numbers that mask the actual data in an entry. For example, the last four digits of a credit card may appear in a tokenized report. The remaining data would be in a token vault or storage place kept separate. An outside party won’t have access to the vault, ensuring the content in the token remains safe and less likely to be compromised for any reason.

The problem with encryption is that a hacker can accurately produce a key for the encrypted data with enough effort. Hacking technology has evolved to where encrypted data can be broken into, although anything with more bits of protection would be tougher or impossible to manage. Tokenization eliminates that risk, as the hacker has no way to resolve the random strings of characters in each token.

  1. Tokenization does not require you to store sensitive pieces of customer data in your private system.

Tokenization works with a payment gateway to collect data without exposing customer information. Since card numbers and other pieces of data move to a separate vault, the info will not be open to any outside entities.

The tokenized data will stay in a separate off-site station. It can work in a cloud-based server to ensure you can access that data as necessary. The cloud-based design can also reduce security risks by using high-grade encryption data without any set physical location where something could be intercepted. The cloud system also reduces possible liabilities, ensuring all parties will have full protection over the content.

You can request anything to be tokenized, and the outside server will help you with the process. The server will collect whatever data you get from each token and will charge the right payment based on the content. Since the token doesn’t have the specific details on someone, outside parties won’t be capable of intercepting these details and using them in some form.

  1. Tokenization supports recurring payments.

Some customers might provide recurring payments, whether they are subscription-based clients or people who enjoy doing business with you. Their data needs proper protection and security to ensure their trust and comfort.

The token data for each client will remain the same with each transaction. While the private data is secured separately, the token will include the same data to identify the person completing a transaction. The effort takes less time to process, giving you further control over whatever works in your business.

The token can work for future transactions, but it still will not require any further sensitive bits of data to make things work. The same data on the outside system will work each time. The data remains identical and does not require the user to add anything new.

The customer can change one’s address or payment option as necessary, but that will require a new token. The new token can replace the old one in moments in your system, helping create a seamless approach to handling the data right.

  1. Tokenization can support some of the latest payment processes.

Payment technology has never been greater, as people can pay for items in many ways and with less effort. Tokenization makes this possible, as it provides a safe way to transfer card and account data from many platforms. The design provides a good way to help you manage payments and to get everything working right.

Tokenization works on mobile wallet platforms like Apple Pay or Google Pay. A user’s card data stays on one’s device as a token. The mobile platform will also add further safety measures like biometric identification support or other authentication features. But the mobile wallet system will still use the token to process the data.

Tokenization also works for in-app purchases. Each customer’s card info in an app features a separate token. The app can review whatever token is being utilized to complete a payment and process it from there. The customer doesn’t have to add one’s card data once more, as everything is already in the separate token vault. The process lets the customer pay for things faster.

The general process allows quick access to whatever payment methods someone wants to use. The design ensures all data can move through effectively enough without risking possible losses in whatever work someone wishes to plan.

All of these points about tokenization make it one of the best solutions you can use when handling sensitive pieces of data. Look at how well tokenization can work if you’re aiming to handle transactions in moments. It adds a safe approach to work you can trust for whatever needs you may hold when keeping your business running.

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