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June 29, 2021

One of the most common credit cards you can accept at a gas station is a fleet card. Gas station merchant services often accept fleet cards that people use to pay for fuel at gas stations. These include people who work for certain businesses that provide vehicles for those workers to use.

Gas companies and other organizations can offer fleet cards to their employees. They can establish plans with businesses to produce multiple cards for each employee or vehicle.

You will likely accept plenty of fleet cards when running a gas station. Your gas station merchant services reports can include details on various fleet cards you accept. The benefits these cards provide to businesses make them common ones you’ll find today.

The General Concept

A fleet card is a credit card issued to businesses that have people who regularly drive certain vehicles. The card can work for businesses that utilize vehicles for deliveries and other activities. A company can request as many fleet cards as necessary, but it will use the same account to manage all these cards it uses.

A business could have hundreds or even thousands of vehicles in its fleet. A fleet card system allows the workers who control these vehicles to maintain them.

What Do People Buy With Fleet Cards?

The workers can use their fleet cards for many purchases, with many of these focusing on how they will manage their vehicles. These include:

  • Fuel for their vehicles
  • DEF for diesel vehicles
  • Oil, antifreeze, coolant, and other items necessary for vehicle maintenance

Full Control

Gas station merchant services often see fleet card transactions because employers will have control over how their employees use these cards. An employer can do many things with these fleet cards, including:

  • Establish limits on how employees can spend with these cards; these restrictions can include limits on what products or services someone can buy
  • Identify potential misuse issues, including when someone doesn’t use a fleet card at a designated location or for vehicle-related needs
  • Check reports on how people are spending money with their cards
  • Create budgeting estimates for how workers will use their vehicles

These efforts allow a business to keep tabs on how its employees spend money. It keeps expenses down, as people will only spend money on the vehicles they operate.

Possible Rewards

Fleet cards are also noteworthy for how businesses can potentially enjoy unique rewards. Some of these rewards include:

  • Cashback offers
  • Discounts on fuel purchases
  • Added insurance protection for vehicles in one’s fleet
  • Discounted interest rates and reduced fees versus what traditional cards provide

The rewards will vary surrounding whoever provides the card. But the deals that are available will be worthwhile, as they ensure a business will have more control over how it handles its funds while maintaining its vehicles.

You will likely find many fleet cards when managing your gas station merchant services needs. The benefits of these cards and the ways how business owners can manage them make these cards popular for many uses.

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