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Big Tech Earnings Reveal Big Ideas For What’s Next In Commerce

June 4, 2021

Some of the top entities in Big Tech recently released their latest earnings reports. Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Apple, and Facebook all performed beyond what analysts predicted. Analysts also predict these earnings reports will highlight a greater emphasis on commerce soon. All of these entities have distinct plans for what they will do with their investments.

Ongoing Growth For Amazon

It is no surprise that Amazon is still growing in prominence. Amazon saw about half its revenue come from product sales. The company’s revenue rose by nearly a third to about $57.5 billion this past quarter. The company’s service portfolio also saw a 50 percent increase in revenue to $51 billion in the past quarter. The service portfolio includes Prime Video subscriptions and Amazon ad sales.

But Amazon Web Services saw a drop in its operating income in the first quarter. AWS had $4.2 billion in operating income, which is less than the 75 percent profit burden it had last year. But AWS’ income is still significant enough to make a substantial difference in how the business operates.

Amazon is expecting further growth, although its growth rate in the second quarter will likely slow by about a quarter. Amazon will still be raking in money, as it will likely see operating profits of at least $4 billion in that period.

The development comes as Amazon prepares for a significant transition. Founder and CEO Jeff Bezos will be departing from his position this summer, but he will remain an executive chairman with the company. AWS CEO Andy Jassy will replace Bezos as the company’s CEO. Whether there will be any other surprise announcements from Amazon remains uncertain, but Bezos’ influence will likely remain a constant at the company.

Amazon’s growth is no surprise, as the company continues to be a strong force in today’s economy. Amazon has been a company that people rely on for many reasons. The possible new things that Amazon will have to offer and its next innovations will be worth spotting, especially as they could make Amazon an even more profitable company.

Facebook’s Hope

While Amazon is continuing with business as usual in the commerce industry, Facebook has plans to enter the commerce field. Facebook promoted in its earnings report that the company has more than a billion Marketplace users. Facebook also plans on using virtual and augmented reality programs to help facilitate digital commerce activities.

Facebook has plans to boost its digital commerce activities. These include efforts on the Facebook and Instagram platforms alike. One potentially involves retailers being capable of directly selling products to people through their Facebook and Instagram profiles or feeds.

Facebook continues to be in the news for how it operates and how it regulates its content. But Facebook will soon start focusing more on commerce activities without relying too much on the communication features that people often expect to find through the company. This development will be something to watch for when looking at possible investments.

What Google Wants

Alphabet, the company that runs Google, also wants to do more in the commerce industry. Alphabet has reduced product listing fees on Google’s shopping section. The company has also reduced commission fees for sales facilitated by the Google shopping search feature. Google’s moves are helping people use the system while making it easier for them to manage various transactions while online.

Alphabet reports that its commerce efforts are working through a combination of traditional searches, Maps listings, and YouTube reports. People are searching for local businesses on Google more than ever, making Google a more viable solution for search needs. Google frequently updates its systems to make its data more visible and useful, especially when showcasing some of the specifics surrounding different businesses in local areas.

Google has also been helping businesses with omnichannel marketing. Retailers and other companies can use all of Google’s features to reach customers. They can use the Maps feature to highlight their locations and list their products on Google’s shopping search results. Retailers can also pay extra to advertise on Google and to have their products or services be the top results on searches. The system allows retailers to become more visible to everyone, providing further growth.

Google also has partnerships with PayPal and Shopify, two of the most prominent online shopping systems. Google’s work with these entities will make it easier for people to market their products and for customers to pay for their orders.

Microsoft and Apple Are Competing Well

Microsoft and Apple may be direct competitors, but they are both alike in how they want to reach more people through commerce. Apple regularly reviews different commerce opportunities through its products, including how its products can support NFC transactions and various apps provided by retailers. The Apple Pay contactless payment system has especially become a necessity for many retailers to have.

Microsoft’s commerce work also deserves notice. Microsoft has been highlighting its MS Cloud development and how it can help businesses organize their operations online.

Microsoft is also buying its way into the commerce field by purchasing the online communications system Discord. Microsoft is spending nearly $10 billion on its acquisition. The total is a fraction of the company’s $2 trillion market cap, but it shows how committed Microsoft is in finding ways to expand.

Microsoft also recently purchased Nuance Communications, a healthcare technology firm. The acquisition of Nuance will help Microsoft enter more healthcare-related activities. Nuance particularly focuses on artificial intelligence and speech recognition systems. The potential for Microsoft to use Nuance’s technology for more things could be worth watching, especially when looking at how it continues to thrive in the digital environment.

A Strong Future For All

The Big Tech companies have shown that they are all looking to grow further, and they are ready to use the commerce industry to make it happen. They will become more ubiquitous and inviting for all investors to explore as they look for growth opportunities that they could utilize.

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