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Amazingly Effective Strategies Auto Repair Shop Merchants Can Use To Improve Marketing

April 15, 2021

Don’t assume when running an auto repair shop that clients will start coming to you. While cars always break down and need repair, that doesn’t mean customers will flock to the first repair shops they see. They want to know which shops are the most reliable and affordable to hire.

You can market your auto repair shop to customers to let them know you have the best services and deals in town. You can use a few points to help you highlight your business and let people see what makes it valuable. People will know more about your business when you use these points for making your work more useful to everyone.

Produce a Sensible Website

Your auto repair shop marketing plans should start with your website. Your website needs to be easy to review and optimized with the appropriate keywords. It should provide enough information on what you provide and what makes your service distinct.

You can also pair your website with a Google listing that highlights your location, your hours of operation, and any unique services you provide. People will trust your work if they see your website is detailed and has all the information they demand.

Run a Blog

You can add a blog to your website to inform people about your work. Your blog shouldn’t be all about promoting your work though. The blog should discuss topics on auto repair and maintenance. It can have articles on how repair projects work, what people should watch for in their vehicles, and trends involving the auto industry. People will trust you when they read your blog, as you’ll show you understand the industry and have astute details on how it operates.

Market Your Work At the Right Time

You can market your business before significant weather changes to let people know your auto repair shop is there for them no matter what happens. You can talk about how you can help replace tires if they were damaged by potholes in the winter, for example. You could also discuss how you can repair hail damage during the summer months.

Be sure you market your work before the weather changes, as you can let people know you exist before they consider your services. You can let everyone see your business is ready for whatever happens next.

Direct Mail Works

Direct mailings are ideal for marketing, as you can send postcard-sized advertisements to people to let me know about your work. Your ads can include coupons or promotional offers. They can also feature a list of the services you provide.

Direct mail is a smart move, as you’re targeting many people who have one thing in common. They all have vehicles they drive and rely on for going places. Your direct mail effort will do more in reaching people who need help with their vehicles.

Provide Smart Offers

One way to market your business is to provide unique special offers. You can provide discounts on one’s first service appointment, or you can give a deal on an oil and filter change. Someone can use your offer to see what you provide without paying lots of money. A customer who is highly satisfied with your work might be more likely to visit you later and pay regular price for future services.

Use a Memorial Phone Number

You might be eligible to apply for a unique phone number that people can remember. You might use a number with the last four digits spelling out something like “tire” or “gear.” Incorporating something as memorable as that into your marketing campaign can help you make your work more memorable to prospective customers. They will know that you provide a car-related service while focusing on unique things of value for their demands.

Host Events

Talking with people in your community helps you understand what people are looking for in a business. You can host events in your area to stay in touch with your community and to learn more about their needs. You can hold an auto enthusiast club meeting, or you can conduct seminars on how car maintenance plans can work. Your meetings will let people see how committed you are to support their car maintenance needs and that you have plans for how to make everything work.

Solicit Reviews From People

Potential customers are more likely to trust you if they read positive reviews surrounding what you provide. Good reviews show that you understand what your clients want and that you’re here to help them with their needs.

Ask anyone who visits your repair shop to provide a review of your business. They can post a review on Google or any social media site you utilize. You can get enough positive reviews after a while to show you have a good clientele and that your business is trustworthy.

Send Reminders To People

Do you have any prior customers you wish to contact on occasion? You can send reminders to customers after they visit you for the first time. You can send messages surrounding when people need to get their oil changed or when they need their tires rotated, for example. Reminding people of what you have to offer will help them stick around and do business with you once again. 

Promote Free Estimates

The last marketing idea is to provide prospective customers free estimates for service. You can have a customer bring one’s car into your shop. You can then review that car and see what services it could benefit from the most. This service will come with a listing of possible repairs you can provide and how much you would charge for the work.

You can boost your auto repair shop’s standings with others by using these smart strategies for promoting your work. Be sure to plan your marketing efforts soon, as it will be easier for you to market your content when you know what works.

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