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Using a Credit Card Reader with Apple iPhone

March 26, 2021

Are you planning to use your iPhone as a POS system for accepting payments from your consumers? Congratulations, you have made a good decision! Accepting payments from an iPhone has the potential to grow your business. One can pay for their purchases using an iPhone compatible credit card reader literally from anywhere!

The best part is anybody can start accepting payments via an Apple device (like iPhone or iPad). You will be surprised to hear that it’s quite affordable and above all, highly efficient, fast, and secure!

Before you start accepting payments via your iPhone, you will need –

  • An Apple device, of course! It can be either iPhone or iPad, make sure it’s connected to a working internet connection, like WiFi or cellular network.
  • A credit card reader offered by a good mobile payment processing company.
  • A credit card processing app that’s installed on your Apple mobile device.

An Apple iPhone card reader offers you the maximum flexibility of accepting payments from any place and at any time. This, in turn, can boost your sales tremendously and make the invoicing process much simpler and more efficient. Because with an iPhone crest card reader, you can receive payments and generate invoices on-the-go!

With Host Merchant Services, getting a credit card reader for your iPhone is not just affordable, but it’s super convenient too! We will help you to get customized solutions for managing your mobile payments, eCommerce payment processing, POS systems, EMV terminals, and many more.

Whether you are getting started with accepting credit card payments or simply willing to switch to a more flexible and mobile payment option, Apple-based credit card readers are the best option for any business looking for quicker, anywhere-anytime transactions.

However, besides choosing the right credit card reader, you must also take into consideration the features accompanying the device, and of course, the costs associated. Also, make sure that your provider is offering a strong customer support service to help during emergencies.

While choosing the best iPhone credit card reader for your business, there are a few things you need to consider. Whether you want it for a curbside delivery or pickup, or simply to manage transactions from various locations, your credit card reader must comply with the latest social distancing norms for ensuring your consumers’ safety. In other words, merchants are searching for safer and more mobile options for accepting payments using their Apple devices.

The key factors you must keep in mind while selecting your Apple-based card reader include –

  1. It must be compatible with your Apple iPhone or iPad
  2. Wireless connectivity like Bluetooth
  3. Initial and recurring costs
  4. Your business type and model
  5. Your consumers’ unique needs and preferences
  6. Hardware options
  7. Your monthly or annual sales volume
  8. Features of the credit card processing app
  9. The reputation and brand image of the credit card processing company.

Let’s check out our top picks in the arena of iPhone credit card readers, and what each has to offer to help your business grow.

1.  SwipeSimple

SwipeSimple comes with a flexible and highly portable credit card reader and an intuitive mobile app. By integrating the card reader and the app with your iOS or Android device, you can start accepting payments from your buyers anytime, anywhere.

SwipeSimple Card Reader has –

  1. Compatible tools for catering to modern payment standards, such as –
    1. EMV Quick Chip to speed up chip transactions
    1. Magnetic stripe to support legacy cards
    1. Contactless payment modes, including Google Pay and Apple Pay

The two popular card readers from SwipeSimple are –

  • B200 Card Reader
  • B250 Card Reader

Both of the above devices can accept EMV Quick Chip as well as magnetic stripe payments. However, the B250 has an additional option of accepting contactless payments, which is the best choice for businesses in the COVID-19 era and beyond.

SwipeSimple Mobile App has –

  1. Easy-to-use interface combined with robust, time-saving features
  2. Powerful features like –
    1. Getting an overview of your past transactions
    1. Gaining accurate business insights, including total charges, tax or tip collected, average charge, etc.
    1. Performing voids easily along with numerous partial refunds.
  3. Advanced capabilities like –
    1. Offline mode
    1. Customizable settings for signature prompt, taxes, tips, etc.
    1. Sending receipts via text or email or printing them using a compatible receipt printer.

2.  Vital Mobile

Vital Mobile is another popular Apple compatible credit card reader that is regarded as an all-in-one, affordable mobile POS solution. Besides, it enables you to operate your business right from your smartphone any time and at any place.

Vital Mobile is the right solution for small and mid-sized businesses that want to accept payments on-the-go beyond any fixed store location. This robust yet easy-to-use reader is compatible with almost all iOS (and Android) devices, and requires a super quick set up process. Its intuitive design offers a superior user experience, and one needs minimal training to get started.

Vital Mobile comes with reliable and simple tools to help you operate your business efficiently. The highlighting features of this card reader are –

  • Inventory management using real-time data to maximize sales.
  • Accept all kinds of payments to boost profitability and cash flow.
  • Establish and manage price points, customer loyalty programs, and discounts across multiple locations and products.
  • Set up and manage taxes and tax reporting procedures for accounting operations.
  • Manage employees, track their performance, and configure user permissions and roles.

3.  Clover Go

Clover Go is a sleek, lightweight, and compact card reader as well as an app built with tremendous processing power. The device is designed to accept payments on-the-go, while maintaining safety and security.

Some significant features of Clover Go that need mention are –

  • Take payments instantly from any place at which you have a good WiFi or cellular network connection. You can accept all kinds of payments using Clover Go, such as contactless, swipe, and chip from across multiple apps and payment services, including Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay.
  • Your Clover Go is ready simply by charging, connecting, and pairing the Clover Go app with your iOS or Android device.
  • Clover Go offers the highest security levels by protecting you and your customers’ sensitive data end-to-end. The device’s advanced tokenization and encryption technologies help it to provide top-notch security standards.
  • What’s more, you can even sync your Clover Go device or app with the Clover web dashboard. This way, you can have complete control over your core business functions, such as creating orders, managing and tracking employees and their performance, processing transactions, updating and tracking the inventory, and so on.

Before opting for a card reader, make sure to do good research on the available options and check which caters to your modern business needs.

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