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Clover Point of Sale Trends for 2021

Posted: March 24, 2021 | Updated: August 1, 2022

The Clover® point-of-sale or POS system is one of the most popular choices you can utilize in your business today. With Clover, you can create a fully integrated POS system that supports many apps and plug-ins. You can also handle online ordering services through Clover without paying anything extra. Clover also provides one of the most affordable services around, you could pay $70 a month at the most for a Clover station.

The best part of Clover is that it is constantly evolving. You’ll find many new things to do with your Clover POS setup as new programs and setups are developed. You can use some of these points right now when using Clover for your POS demands. These are some samples of what you can expect, as the industry is always changing with new ideas and plans in mind.

Individual Employee Monitoring

You might have many employees using the same Clover POS station, managing all your employees with separate logins, but Clover goes one step further with their performance tracker programs.

The performance tracker system lets you review each worker surrounding how many transactions one manages, how much these deals are worth, and anything else someone might achieve. You can use this to see which employees are doing well and which ones need further improvement.

Further Payroll Support

Performance tracking is essential, but so is keeping the payroll under control. You’ll need to know when your employees punch in and out, how much they are earning, and many other factors surrounding how they work. Clover will evolve to offer more payroll support, especially with the use of apps like Time Clock.

The Time Clock app from Homebase allows businesses to keep tabs on when employees are working. It also offers an employee scheduling platform where you can keep records on future schedules and send them to your employees. You can also include details on schedule changes, job postings, open shifts, and other factors. Time Clock lets you send these details to all your employees, ensuring everyone is on the same page when handling your data.

Managing Bar Tabs

Bar tabs are becoming more common these days, as people are looking to make it easier for them to pay for what they order at restaurants and bars. Clover will expand its offerings to enhance how well it can handle bar tabs.

The Bar Tab Auths app is one choice to note, for example. Bar Tab Auths let businesses pre authorize credit cards on new bar tabs. It reduces the repetitive nature of the work, and it also keeps records on regular customers and payment methods. The system ensures all data being collected works well and is easy to monitor and read.

Flexible Platforms

Clover offers a convenient station setup that lets you collect money with ease. You can use a Clover station with a touchscreen monitor, a credit card processor, a printer, and other accessories. But you can also expect mobile Clover platforms to become more popular as time moves forward.

Separate mobile payment systems may be available for your needs. You can load a Clover setup on a mobile device like a tablet or smartphone. Clover is expected to add support for multiple items in the future, so you can expect mobile transactions to become more prominent in the future.

The Clover Mini Provides More Control

Giving customers the ability to complete transactions themselves can be a necessity for success. The Clover Mini is one program that may work well for POS purposes. The Mini is a stationary countertop screen that links to a Wi-Fi network and collects payments from NFC or chip-based card readers. The system is easy to run, plus you can program a secure setup in the work as necessary. You’d have to use a suitable POS program that runs with an app from a marketplace to make it work, but it won’t be tough to run if you have the proper materials that are necessary.

Additional Integrations

You can also expect Clover to support more integrations. The Android-based setup Clover uses ensures you can load and program different add-ons and other integrations to your liking. You could use the Clover Station app store to review the thorough list of programs available for many industries. More integrations will be made available soon, so expect these programs to become more interesting and useful.

Working With QuickBooks

The QuickBooks accounting program from Intuit is already ideal for many businesses. But QuickBooks has been a standalone solution that takes a while to manage. You’d have to manually enter in data to your QuickBooks account to ensure everything is accurate. The program can collect a thorough amount of data, but it isn’t always easy to manage.

The good news is that QuickBooks will be easier to utilize if you have a Clover station. QuickBooks has a new app on Clover that was produced by Commerce Sync. The system integrates QuickBooks to your Clover POS station. The POS data will move directly to your QuickBooks account, saving you precious time managing your accounting needs. You’ll also ensure everything remains accurate, as all Clover data will immediately move to your QuickBooks reports without risking possible losses or errors.

Maintenance Is Critical

Consistent maintenance is essential for ensuring a Clover POS setup can work. Clover will expand its offerings to make it easier for people to order paper for any printers that attach to a Clover station. Abreeze Technology already has a new app ready for use in Order Paper that helps people find paper products for whatever Clover printers they utilize. For example, people can find the paper they need and order it as necessary, ensuring they’ll have the equipment they require for their work plans.

These points are useful when you’re looking to support your Clover POS setups and accounts. Clover will continue to evolve in 2021 and beyond, as it will provide more solutions that will make your POS efforts easier to manage. 

The Clover® name and logo are trademarks owned by Clover Network, Inc., an affiliate of First Data Merchant Services LLC, and registered or used in the U.S. and many foreign countries.

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