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Eight Impactful Strategies to Improve Your E-Commerce Site

Posted: February 22, 2021 | Updated: February 22, 2021

Every business today must be online. It’s crucial to survive given the landscape of the pandemic. Many businesses either weren’t online or had a small online presence that wasn’t enough to compete in today’s competitive marketplace.

To meet or beat the competition, your e-commerce site must have the following.

Customer Loyalty Program

What incentives do you have to bring customers back? Sure, one-time customers are great, but if you want your marketing efforts to do double-duty, start a customer loyalty program. Whether it’s a points system or you offer specials for each purchase – give shoppers a reason to try you again.


Don’t stop your marketing efforts on the product or service that a customer buys. Use the opportunity you have while you’re in front of them to cross-sell or even upsell. Offer more options before they check out – it’s like the candy and gum at the register, sometimes buyers can’t resist.

Make your Site Look Trustworthy

Your site must look legit and the only way to do that is to use words like secure and HTTPS. Test your site on all browsers and with all antivirus programs to make sure it gets through even the toughest security. If customers think their information is even remotely at risk, they’ll bail.

Make Searching Simple

A complex website is like making your store hard to navigate. No one will shop there. Make your home page and product selection are easy to sort through. If shoppers can’t find what they’re looking for fast (within seconds), they’ll go elsewhere. Make your website user-friendly.

Add Live Customer Service

Customers want instant gratification and that includes when they need help with your products or services. An instant chat feature, even if it’s a bot, will help keep their mind at ease. If customer service is hard to find or get to, customers will go elsewhere.

Make Contact Information Easy to Find

Don’t make customers hunt for your contact information. If you don’t have a chat option, make your phone number and email address easy to find. Put them on every page so customers see it and can contact you with questions.

Use Technology to your Advantage

Show off your products in ways you couldn’t in store. Create videos or share your products on social media. Get the word out and let people share. There’s something about videos that makes them go viral versus just pictures and words, so take advantage.

Add Customer Reviews

Nothing sells a product more than others talking about it. Let customers leave reviews on your website or copy and paste them from your social media feeds. Showing that others are using and loving your products is like free marketing.

Improve your E-Commerce Site for the Best Results

Business is competitive today. You have to stand out to get new customers and keep your loyal customers. Existing online seems overwhelming, but once you see the potential it offers, you’ll enjoy finding ways to keep your customer happy too.

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