Ways to Choose a Credit Card Processor for an Auto Shop

May 12, 2020

Do you own or manage an automotive business, such as a repair shop, dealership, body shop, or tire retailer? There are many different industry-specific problems that can arise especially when it comes to credit card processing services. When choosing a credit card processor, it is important to pick a partner that really understands your business.  You want a partner that can provide a the service you need to accept payments easily, so that you can focus on making your customers happy.

Large Tickets

As an automotive business, you probably process transactions that are quite a bit larger than a typical retailer or restaurant.  While oil changes and routine services might be under $100, undoubtedly you will process transactions that run into the thousands, if not more sometimes.  Did you know that some processors sometimes hold large transactions unnecessarily and can sometimes delay funding for days?  While it is sometimes necessary to validate transactions, you want a merchant services partner that offers great service and can get this done quickly without delaying your funding.

Auto Mechanic Fixing EngineNext Day Funding

Cash flow is important for all business, but especially for automotive businesses.  When you’re buying parts and paying your staff, you need to get funded quickly to meet expenses.  It is important to pick a merchant services company, like Host Merchant Services, that offers fast next day funding on your transactions.

Check Processing

Checks are a thing of the past, right?  Not at all!  Sometimes customers want to pay via check, but you don’t want to take the risk of a bounced check costing you valuable revenue.  Check processing services allow you to easily process, deposit, and evaluate risk on checks. Or take it a step further and get check guarantee services, so you know with 100% certainty that the check will clear.  Don’t let other processors tell you that you don’t need this service, just because they don’t offer it.  With Host Merchant Services you get a free check reader with all check processing accounts.

Don’t Lock Yourself In

Watch out for term commitments, or worse, the dreaded equipment lease.  With Host Merchant Services you get free equipment and never get locked in to a term commitment or saddled with a non-cancellable equipment lease.  Sometimes unscrupulous merchant services companies can charge thousands of dollars in lease fees for equipment that Host Merchant Services provides for free.


There are many options for credit processing for automotive companies  and there are many specifics in the auto industry to consider when looking for payment processing. Host Merchant Services can provide you with the services that are specifically tailored for the needs of your business.  Don’t pick a generic one-size fits all payment processor – choose Host Merchant Services for the top customer service rating in the industry, and solutions for automotive business that are second to none.

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