Generation Z Prefers Cashless

Posted: October 4, 2019 | Updated: February 8, 2021

Generation Z represents a whopping 32% of the world’s population. As the first “digital native” generation that has never lived without the internet and technology, Gen Z sets itself apart in many ways. When it comes to the world of payments, Gen Z has very different expectations than even millennials and overwhelmingly prefers cashless payments — although with much higher standards for design, convenience, and security than other generations.

How Popular Are Digital Payments?

According to a U.S. Mobile App Report from 2017, 70% of consumers in Gen Z have made app-based mobile payments in the last year, surpassing all other generations. A more recent survey by BillTrust found that 79% of Gen Z responders use a digital payment service at least once every month.

Generation Z Is Price Sensitive

Generation Z, and young millennials too, are much more concerned with price than older adults, and much less likely to show any brand loyalty. As many as 80% of participants said that price was the most important factor to them when making a purchase.

Having grown up during the Great Recession of the late 2000s and early 2010s, many Generation Zers watched their parents struggle, which has led to something of a more frugal and pragmatic attitude. This more price sensitive attitude plays into the strengths of the financial tech companies as they can offer services at a low cost.

Generation Z Cares More About Security

Surveys have also found that Generation Z cares strongly about security, with as many as 33% of respondents to one survey claiming that they would stop dealing with a company immediately were their data breached. On top of this, 67% of surveyed Gen Zers would adopt name brand products when they need to seek assurance that their standards will be met.

Gen Zers hold privacy, ethics, and security seriously and demand transparency when it comes to cashless payments.

Generation Z Isn’t Tolerant of Friction

Having grown up in a world that’s fully accepted digital technology, Generation Z is completely at home with digital and real-life experiences coexisting. Because of this, studies have found that they will expect things to run smoothly, and they will be less tolerant than others when things don’t. With the rise of mobile payments, this plays into this generation’s hands and provides them with a system they’re perhaps more comfortable with.

A clunky user experience or an overly complicated system could be enough to lose this generation as a customer. After years of technological revolution and refinement, this is a generation that expects the best.

What Generation Z Is Looking for in Credit Card Processing

It would seem that what is most important to Generation Z when it comes to payments is a seamless, frictionless experience that fits easily around their lifestyles. This means customized credit card processing and payment solutions, transparency, security, and convenience. Having instant, seamless payments is of huge importance, especially when looking to win their loyalty and trust.

The next platform that caters to Generation Z will likely combine all forms of financial services in one from digital payments and banking to investments and loans to further capture the interest of this digital generation.

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