Would a Mobile Processing Solution Like SwipeSimple Be Good For My Business?

Posted: June 18, 2019 | Updated: February 8, 2021

Accepting multiple types of payments is essential to the success of any business. Over the last four years, it’s estimated that 80 percent of American consumers prefer to use a debit or credit card when making transactions in person versus just 14 percent who prefer to use cash.

If you’re not using a mobile processing solution to accept credit cards, you’re missing out on a ton of potential revenue.

Why You Need A Mobile Processing Solution

Rapid advances in technology are occurring every day and savvy consumers notice if you’re still stuck in the cash only era. The simple fact alone that nearly three-quarters of adults currently own a smartphone proves that the world is continually changing.

As a business owner, you must adapt. Beyond increasing your customer base with a new mobile payment processing solution, you’ll also enjoy other benefits, including:

  • Merchant Services Simplicity – SwipeSimple has made the process of mobile payment acceptance easier than ever before. No bulky credit card machines and no slow dial-up Internet connections.
  • Complete Transactions Anywhere – Mobile processing means you or your employees don’t have to stay in one place just to take payments. Process a payment while speaking with another customer about your products.
  • Fast authorizations – Lag time in the payment authorization process is a thing of the past. Enjoy split-second approvals so your customers can be on their way in no time.
  • Manage Transactions – Perform voids or refunds with ease. You can also send digital receipts to your customers.
  • Offline Processing – If you don’t have a reliable internet connection. Not a problem, just enable offline payments and save the transactions for later processing.

Integrate with your own Software

Host Merchant Services is happy to be a provider of SwipeSimple for merchants looking for a mobile option. Mobile payment processing solutions are geared towards making life simple, including third party software integration. Customized integration is available on iOS, Android, Windows and Mac operating systems.

Is this right for my Business?

SwipeSimple has an entire POS system all in one easy to use package. Gain access to your transaction stats, with useful information like average ticket size, total charges and tip collected. Get more details about each piece of SwipeSimple equipment Host Merchant Services has available here!

The great thing about mobile payment processors like SwipeSimple is that any business who wants to accept credit and debit cards can use the system. Whether your business is based online, in a car or in a store, making the switch is the right thing to do.

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