How To Safely Take Payments Online

Posted: March 19, 2019 | Updated: March 19, 2019

This is a world where consumers have embraced making online purchases. Few businesses can survive these days if they don’t offer online payment processing. Consumers want options available to them when it comes to paying.

Effective merchant services know how important it is to give consumers options they can trust. Credit and debit cards are the two most used options. As a business, you have a choice between accepting these payments with an intermediary holding account or a dedicated merchant services account. Which one you choose depends on the nature of your business.

Another payment processing option you can offer consumers is eChecks. All they have to do to make a payment is provide all the information they would on a physical check. All you need to provide is the proper software/payment form interface. Your customers can then use a check without needing to write one and mail it. Your payments are processed through ACH.
They fall under the umbrella of the National Automated Clearing House Association. The transaction fees charged for ACH payments generally costs less than credit/debit processing fees. Even with these payments, you will receive your money quickly.

Mobile phone payments are another option consumers are demanding. If your company has an app that allows consumers to pay instantly, you are more likely to gain and keep their business. Consumers are always looking to save time when shopping. Mobile payments make it easy for them to do this. Consumers see the ability to make mobile payments as a valuable asset your business provides them with.

Including a payment form on your website also makes it safe and convenient for customers to make purchases. This gives your regular customers the option of creating an account with your site. Then they know when they want to buy something they can log into their account and complete the purchase. When customers create an account they can save their preferred payment method. The time and hassle this saves them is a huge value to most customers. Offering your customers a payment form is as easy as outsourcing it to a company that handles payments.

Another way to safely take payments online is to set up email invoicing. When customers place orders, you send them the invoice, they pay it, and you get your money instantly. You may find that many customers prefer this arrangement for paying for your products or services. You can also choose to send recurring bills to monthly customers if you sell a service they use regularly.

These are the ways in which you can safely take payments online. You will be pleasing your customers and making it easier for your business to keep making money.

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