New OptBlue Pricing

June 27, 2018

If you work in the hospital, government or education industry it is important that you know OptBlue has changed their pricing. As a result, more merchant services can take advantage of what the company has to offer.

There are now wholesale fees charged to merchants in government and education. When it comes to education and hospitals, the charge cap for American Express has been lifted. This means that if you work in either industry, your customers will have more flexibility in paying for your goods or services.

Now that 273 brands can use this service, OptBlue is now available more than it ever has been in the past. Thanks to a waiver of the AXP Merchant Access Fee your company can save valuable money.

Another benefit for merchants is that updated dispute policies mean business transactions are more likely to go smoothly. Disputes and chargebacks can negatively affect credit card processing and other payment processing. The new policies on disputes have led to an 11% reduction in disputes for small businesses. In just a few short months small businesses were able to save millions in chargeback expenses.

Smaller restaurants have seen the benefits of using these services as well. They now pay less in wholesale fees, allowing a growing number of restaurants to start accepting American Express. Owners now pay less of a fee if their customers make a charge of under $5.

If you are a business owner that does not currently accept American Express and you want to change this, OptBlue will help you. In addition to costing your business less, it’s also more transparent and even gives you access to funds at a more rapid pace than previously. You will find that your credit card processing is simplified as a result.

Lower fees for so many industries is just one of the benefits of these services. They will change how your business does payment processing, for the better. The reduction in fees is something that many industries are now embracing. They have the potential to change the way merchants do business in ways that will benefit everyone.

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