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Posted: May 9, 2018 | Updated: May 9, 2018

Today, credit card processing for businesses is based on EMV chip technology. PIN debit and EMV acceptance is a must for any veterinarian that accepts credit cards.

Payment Processing Services and Equipment

Why should I accept credit cards?

Think of the staff hours spent preparing invoices and manually processing checks. Accepting credit and debit card payments saves you time and money when compared to traditional billing and check processing. Additionally, credit and debit card payments are posted to your bank account daily. This improves your cash flow and significantly speeds up your service to payment cycle.

If you sell retail items, either in your office or through your website or online store, accepting credit and debit cards is a must. Most buyers prefer to pay with cards for ease and convenience. For you, it’s a way to increase your revenue potential. People often buy on impulse, and when they use credit cards, they are likely to spend more than they would if paying with cash.

What features should you look for when selecting credit card processing equipment?

There is a wide range of card processing equipment to choose from. Depending on how your veterinary office is set up, you may need multiple types of equipment.

For example, if your clients pay for services at check-in or check out, you may want a self-serve credit card terminal that allows the client to swipe their card and enter their PIN from your countertop terminal and PIN pad. If you send invoices, you may want the ability to key in phone payments on your credit card terminal or from your desktop PC.

At a minimum, make sure your payment processing equipment includes these key features:
• Debit card enabled
• Equipped for EMV acceptance
• Mobile credit card processing integration

What items are most important for your veterinary merchant services account?

When you choose a merchant account provider, make sure they can process all the types of transactions you encounter most often. To protect your business against fraud and chargebacks, make sure that your processor offers security features including a PCI compliance package. Also, make sure that your processing terminal is EMV enabled so that you can accept chip-enabled credit and debit cards.

When selecting a merchant services provider for your veterinary practice be sure to focus on EMV acceptance for fraud protection. PIN debit and EMV technology make credit card processing an effective way to improve your bottom line.

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